WIR #12: Did you Miss Me?

It’s not a far cry from reality today to say this expression and truly mean it, Did you Miss Me? I’ve missed me…these past few weeks have left us with snow days, or rather days missed of work and patients thus making up for it now…busy busy days follow snow days. Note taken. The next week then left me ravaged by Bronchitis, I did not get out of bed for one full day, I did not pass go, and I did NOT collect a clean bill of health. Oh and did I mention my Birthday was in there, filled with sleeping lots of it and not feeling well at all. I’m still recovering. This week left me busy but happy to have regained some sort of health at least in my body, however it has left my family with a hole of emotions. My grandmother passed away a few nights ago, alas life is never ceasing to amaze me with how much happens every day, every second, every moment. Open your eyes everyone take it all in because if theres one thing these past two weeks have shown me is that life is flying by. So come with me to my open eyes reflecting on the past few weeks, hang in there folks it’s going to be a crazy ride….

As always first things first thanks to my blogger friends for allowing me to linkup on their blogs!

Links to both linkups I will be involved in this week are below at either Katie’s Marvelous In My Monday linkup or the ever so lovely Megan at her Week In Review linkup….Whatever your pick theres sure someones story to inspire.



This will be much easier through photos…so here we go…


  • Here’s that snow storm, a full day of blowing snow and being stuck inside left us venturing out on the second day in the afternoon, we got over 12 inches it was amazing!


  • Excuse the messy hair, and the fact that we were about to get snow plowed.
  • Happy Birthday! The weekend before Valentines Day weekend, (which is my actual birthday) My friend LyndsEy and I traveled to my home town for a dinner my mom put on for the church. When we got to my house my mom was awaiting us with my birthday present, new dishes! They are beautiful!


  • Photo Booth was present at my moms Valentines Dinner and of course I had to take the opportunity to get a photo with one of the hardest working women I know, she’s amazing.


  • Just because the Table Decorations were on POINT!


  • Because I did, it started the week after snow day and said trip above to my home town and continued throughout that week, leading up to the Friday before my birthday when the whole day was spent in bed….ugh.
  • My Birthday weekend was filled with so much love though I can’t complain….
  • Starbucks and Texas Roadhouse for my Birthday dinner ordered in of course, no need to go out too much when you’re sick ya know.
  • Quality Time watching my husband love on our niece at Bible Study.
  • My FAVORITE dessert, Angel Food Cake with strawberries and whip cream, the best…we didn’t have candles note the match.
  • Andddddd all my presents from the hubs, Ninja Blender, Qalo Rings, and beautiful perfume I love!


  • My new Qalo Ring on point during routine Bachelor watching on Monday night with the girls! Also note this night was the first night I slept all the way through and felt better the next day, recovery is a beautiful thing.
  • Meals of the week were simple, and pretty much the same, my tummy has issues with antibiotics…so chicken, roasted veggies, kale, and spicy mustard it is.


  • Tried the 500 Rep Workout from Kayla Itness and it felt so good to be back in the gym and to get a good hard workout in, wow it felt good, Praise God!


  • Work Christmas Party for my husband last night and it was amazing. So much fun I feel extremely blessed to have these people in my life, wow. SO MANY LAUGHS.
  • This weekend will consist of relaxation time and prepping for the busy week to come….

These past few weeks like I said have flown literally by and I can’t help but to recognize and realize how blessed we are by these many moments, enjoy them folks only one life will you live…Live hard.

Love, Love, Love

Also Disclaimer: My friend LyndsEy’s name is spelled Lyndsey with an E I have previously been noting her as LyndsAy. Please note the name and sorry for the confusion, I dearly love you LyndsEy with an E! 😉


What are you up to this weekend?

Is anyone else struggling to stay healthy?


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3 Responses to WIR #12: Did you Miss Me?

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother and that you spent your birthday sick in bed. If there’s anything I can do, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    The one positive is really evaluating what’s important in life and seizing the moments when you can.

    Welcome back. I did miss you and your smiling self.

  2. Condolences to you and your family for your loss- Hope you are also on the mend 🙂

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