WIR #13: A Lesson From A Funeral

Tuning in for Week in Review and Marvelous in my Monday here….

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As you all know, or READ HERE for last week’s post, my grandmother passed away a week ago. Her funeral was this week Monday and I tried my best to prepare while in the midst of Sunday which so happens to be our busiest day of the week here in our home. A midst church, bible study’s, grocery shopping, house cleaning, oh and our churches annual Valentines Dinner we headed out on Sunday evening about nine to relatives home closer to where the funeral would be.

Caught up? Alright good, because what was really laid on my heart has been the massive weight that was lifted off me at my grandmother’s funeral. What exactly do I mean? Let me tell you…

I sat looking around the room observing the people it held, a small country church with wooden pews and I smiled, there were people many of them I’d seen and gotten acquainted with my whole life. It wasn’t a massive amount by any means, but here where these lives mine has intertwined with so intricately. It’s beautiful in a way to come to a place where someone has come to the end of a good and gracious life, a woman that has now left a room of people in her wake. A room of individuals who even if we foresaw death coming soon for my grandma we still became sad and sorrowed at the passing of such a beautiful life.

Expression after expression came, and catching up was had, there was a brief moment when I was given the opportunity to have a moment at the casket, but I didn’t want it. My grandma wasn’t there her expressions where no longer held in her cute little body. That sly grin she seemed to always sport would stay sealed behind her lips. Expression I thought, what a way to live your life, expression less. I thought of so many times when in this world I have gone about living and being so busy I didn’t stop to share expression with a person. Or times when I thought to myself I should pray but the expression of slowing down to do so was to much for me to actually do. How short our lives are here, we merely have only a small open window to catch expressions, to give them, to enjoy them. God has spoken to my heart indefinitely that the expression and words which come from someone mean much more than material things and money itself will ever. The first meaning for the word expression is making known someones thoughts or feelings, and the second was the look on someones face. This is interesting to me that not only do we hold expressions in our faces but also in our words. It’s a marvelous thought to know that these are things worth my time and worth remembering about someone. I felt lighter, I can do this. It may take a day by day conscious effort to use expressions and make them my own, but with God’s help I can.

Grief is hard, it takes time to heal. As we drove away from the funeral and the business of the day I couldn’t help but feel immense grief and tears fell for quite awhile. It was hard, but expression after expression of my grandma came back to me, and expressions fell into my mind of other family members that had latched onto an expression of my grandmas at one time as well: cute remarks, or sly grins turned my mind in circles remembering her so well. Face after face, there were not many words remembered but there the faces were all intertwining again only this time in my mind. We are woven together, she’s done that, God’s done that. Its beautiful and it lightens the load that those will be with me forever.

Thanks for reading through my thoughts. Life is such a journey guys and I’m so happy that while my time here is short I can rejoice in expression’s of life. So please enjoy my expressions of my week now, in hashtag form…































And that my folks is a week wrap up…please enjoy your weeks ahead, and remember to enjoy and love on those around you. Expression’s leave lasting impressions =)

Love Love Love

How was everyone’s week anything exciting going on?



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8 Responses to WIR #13: A Lesson From A Funeral

  1. I love your expressions, especially how open, honest and vulnerable you are with them and your own heart. Keep being and doing you.

    I have a funeral to go to this weekend, and I’m going to remember your words.

    Happy Monday.

    • jejansonius says:

      Thanks I was truly inspired at Colorado when you and I discussed being ourselves in our blog. It inspired me to write real and be real. Love it and thank you!

  2. What a beautifully, honest, and thoughtfully written post Jayne. Sometimes we need reminders to slow down and live in the moment. I am so sorry for the loss of your Grandmother. My thoughts and condolences to you and your family.

    Great looking shades BTW 🙂

  3. It’s amazing how short our lives truly are here, and the more I realize it, the more I see what a precious thing it is to look forward to heaven and worshipping God forever without sin. I am SOO thankful that death is only a passing through to a greater glory. Thank you for reminding me to redeem and treasure every moment.

  4. jrjones2015 says:

    hugs and peace in your memories of your sweet grandma.. and the lessons learned… and the journey…. God’s comfort is sweet…

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