WIR #14: Monday Thoughts and Food.

A new week, a new day, here we go again with my Week in review and what is Marvelous in my Monday…Let’s start by the recognition of the link up ladies themselves…

Links to both linkups I will be involved in this week are below at either Katie’s Marvelous In My Monday linkup or the ever so lovely Megan at her Week In Review linkup….Whatever your pick theres sure someones story to inspire.



For what is Marvelous in my Monday I thought I’d share something I realized this week read on:

Here we are a short time from leaving for Jamaica, getting to sleep in, living the easy life newlyweds of just one and a half short years enjoying our free time as we are reminded on the daily how that will all change upon the first entry of our procreation in to the world…spare me. At least for this moment, I’m awake at six am, I’m nervous and fearful thinking and worrying about something that honestly cannot be controlled or changed at that point. Yet there I lay trying to be careful not to wake my soundly sleeping husband, I lay and fret fret and lay, you get the picture. Finally a stir on the other side of the bed captures my attention and I see his face, he greets me good morning and asks what is going on, thats when it happened….


Tears come streaming from my face, real, raw, unfiltered tears, I’m crying before I know it so hard I can’t talk through the tears, I relent my story and the fears that are worrying me so and have held me away for hours on end creating endless doom in my mind. My husband listens and loves, loving me through silence and listening, I’m thankful. After the crying settles he asks, “What can I do for you.” My only reply is a whimpering, “I don’t know.” Honestly because I don’t know what he can do for me in that moment and for the problem, because I myself know how silly and unsolvable the issue is. Insecurity reaches up and grabs hold of my voice I no longer can even capture in words what is holding me captive. My husband fights for me relenting truth into my life telling me real thoughts of reality things that have slowly been clouded over in my mind. Words of life are breathed into my existence and the fear is dissipating into air and floating away. Slowly I’m brought out of my funk and into the real world again. I’m here I’m present and we’re joking about his bed head.


I don’t know about you guys but that is true love right there, this morning when I awoke I was troubled with insecurity. I had thoughts nasty thoughts about myself and an issue with which was totally based inwardly and something that I struggle with however is almost unnoticeable to the rest of the world. The issue remains and rests in insecurity issues with myself and my image. I believe that in that moment when I was listening to the resounding gong in my head of ‘not good enough’, God placed my husband to wake up before it got too much of the best of me and help me out of the funk. My husband lifts me up so much and speaks truth into my life, but the reason he is able to and I am able to receive it is God himself.

I encourage you as women in our society today to brace yourself first with a relationship with God. This world is a crazy place to exist and yet here we are, look at the fact of even ‘coincidences’ that happen in your life on a daily basis. I look back on a day to day basis and am encouraged by the happenings and situations I’m in and how much they change and form me molding me daily. This brings me full circle to my relationship with my husband, God has blessed us in this relationship. We continue to pursue after him and he pursues us indefinitely. Do you aspire to have a better relationship with anyone in your life? Start by loving yourself more, start by loving God more, it’s amazing how many doors it opens up.

I know this morning I felt free and open to pursuing the day and passions that lie in that day all because of the support of my husband’s encouragement. It wasn’t fake, it wasn’t a lie, it was real and really good for me.

You know what else was really good…Last week…let’s take a look…


  • Monday I played the waiting game, literally. I had a physical in the morning, waited but for a GREAT checkup! Chiropractor Appointment in the morning as well, I’m now on a ‘as needed basis’ yes! And waited at the mall for my dear friend to get there for an amazing time of fellowship, and mall walking.
  • Worked Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, mostly meaning my days consisted of a lot of the first photo, and let’s just say I can totally relate with the second photo here…
  • If you want advice in the toothbrush aisle, go for gold, electronic is the way to go you’re talking on average about 30,000 more brush strokes per MINUTE than the regular person gets with just a manual toothbrush. Oh and always use SOFT bristle brushes please!
  • Want more advice? Hangout in the toothbrush aisle long enough and maybe……


  • Workouts now are fueled a lot by a play list I found on Spotify, I typed in Christian Workout playlist and it’s the first to come up, this song rocks and so does the rest of the playlist!
  • Speaking of Workouts….this weeks were:

Monday: 1 Mile run warm up easy, Fifteen 30 sec interval sprints at max with ten seconds in-between and a weight set.

Tuesday: 1 Slow easy mile run before teaching PiYo class

Wednesday: Slow and easy jog to get heart rate up a bit and on hour of Bodypump class

Thursday: 2 Mile jog with ten interval sprints 30 seconds on at max and 15 to 30 seconds in-between sets, weight set for ARMS

Friday: Mall Walk for about an hour, and Practicing the new PiYo set at home, debuting a new set soon!

Saturday: REST DAY!

Sunday: Early morning run sweat session with a good friend, I LOVE chatting and stewing over life with her great way to start out my Sunday.

  • I’m really into consistency in life, I love change but my palate could eat pretty much the same thing every day and be satisfied…Lunches this week during work days were consistent: Grilled Mesquite BBQ chicken breast, Protein Balls, and Kale and Spinach salad.
  • I bought fat free cottage cheese this week because it was on sale and that was a good addition to the chicken (photo on left), usually I do my squash and zucchini mixture (pictured right) for a little extra flavor, baking them in coconut oil with pink himalayan sea salt helps get my sodium and healthy fats in for the day as well!


  • Dinner in the evening after PiYo and sweat session consisted of sweet potato fries, squash and zucchini mixture, and egg whites. I’m always hungry after my class on Tuesday evenings but don’t want to eat anything that’s not nutritious since I’m eating so late in the evening, (usually eight pm).


  • Thursday night was date night, we celebrated the Presidential debate night with Qdoba, I got the naked chicken salad with half chicken half pork and fajita veggies, this is so delicious and very nutritious for a ‘eating out’ meal option. The hubs and I enjoyed our mexican along with the debate.
  • Before and After, got my hair done on Friday, the after isn’t styled, so you can’t see the full results…but I got an hombre, so pretty I’m loving it already!


  • Friday the hubs had to work for awhile, so I hunkered down to a good practice session of the new PiYo release!
  • Speaking of which I will be releasing when we get back from VACATION!!!!!
  • Vacation? More on that later ;).

Everyone enjoy your Monday!

Love Love Love

What was the best workout you did this week?

What’s your favorite PiYO move?

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8 Responses to WIR #14: Monday Thoughts and Food.

  1. Kate Bennett says:

    Thank you for that first paragraph. I need to remember where I get my security from!

  2. I’ve never been to Qdoba (I was seriously just talking about this to my hubs yesterday!) but that salad/bowl/whatevs looks AMAZING!!

  3. Thanks for reminding me that God is sufficient for every weakness ❤

  4. Hubby’s are the best, aren’t they. I read my book when I’m wide awake in the middle of the night, churning negative thoughts over and over in mind. It helps distract me and calms me down, usually enough to fall back asleep.

    That burrito bowl looks amazing. I want one now!

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up!

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