I dream of Chocolate.

I love chocolate, even as I sit here I could go for a good handful of dark chocolate chips, or even a protein ball with chocolate chips. Speaking of: one time I made protein balls without chocolate chips, um no thanks. I digress.

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But there’s more to the story! 

While I have come a long way in my food journey, trust me I used to think eating healthy was having an apple and Kashi cereal for breakfast, lunchmeat and goldfish for lunch, and baby carrots and peanut butter for dinner every. single. night. Let’s be honest there could be A LOT more unhealthy items to consume…. However these days my palate is much improved thanks to the influence of some pretty great friends who themselves have taught me a thing or two through their blog’s recipes…I must take a moment to list them in case you yourself find that rut of yours is keeping you from putting the goldfish down…I repeat put the goldfish down and take a look you’ll be glad you did…

*Megan* Clean Eats Fast Feets* – I first met Megan at a blogging retreat and have loved reading her blog and seeing her life unfold over the past two years of knowing her, she’s so fun loving and has recently been enjoying her new baby girl of which I get to enjoy via snapchat as well…this recipe link is for her No Bake Energy Bars, yum!

*Laura* Sprint to the Table* – Boulder Colorado was where I first met Laura, she is a firecracker and her life amazes and inspires me how she travels and lives life to the fullest is a fun adventure to follow on her blog as well as she rocks so many great recipes like these S’more Balls. 

*Lindsay* Cotter Crunch* – We must NEVER forget where my protein bites originated from, and that was tasting one of this girl’s bites, THESE to be exact I can’t say enough about how delectable these bites are and nourishing even when they appear to be so small, they pack a punch! =)

2014-06-06 18.54.38

The beautiful banana loving, Megan.

I’ve been inspired recipe wise and made some pretty great friends along the way…

Sooooo back to where i’m headed here, I have changed my ways, and while I am diversifying my palate extremely well and maintaining a fairly indulgent lifestyle as well. As of late I have started to notice myself depending on the ‘fake’ sweet to get me through. Instead of delighting in natural healthy sugars like all the wonderful fruit, especially this time of year, and then partaking in a indulgent food like a nice piece of wedding cake, because it’s that time of year as well; I find myself never indulging in the true sweeties of my day and instead opting for this ‘fake’ sugar. Don’t get me wrong I have been using stevia to sweeten baking items and coffee so I haven’t been spoiling my body as much as my 5 splendas in my gas station cappuccino days of past, but I have been abusing it. It’s time to slow down the crazy snowball I’ve been riding, see ya later sugar.

That’s where something new, something that some would call crazy comes into play….Crazy maybe but it just might work.

I’m going to embark upon The Whole 30.


I’ve listened to the testimonial of a friend, read several more online testimonials, bought the book, read through a good portion of it, and I now  have set my sights on recipes and established a start date, it’s coming and I’m excited! For now anyways, let me fill you in a little bit on just what the Whole 30 is….

The main rules are simple: Eat whole healthy real food, cutting out all psychologically unhealthy, hormone unbalancing, gut-disrupting, inflammatory food groups for 30 whole days. Pushing the ‘reset’ button essentially on your metabolism, systemic inflammation, and negative effects you’ve probably gained through the junk food way of life that we can get caught up in so quickly. Basically there is a pretty definitive No list of items not to have and sugar basically in any form besides fruit EVEN in sweeteners is a ‘no-go’. I read through the first couple chapters of this book and knew this is what I need right now.

I have thought several times throughout the past year while doing challenges with the gym, living a healthy lifestyle, and day to day living that I do love what I eat, but I also want to be challenged to a different way. This journey for me will definitely be that, a challenge. However it will also be a good ‘reset’ for the damaged way of thinking and ‘needing’ that I’ve been having in terms of my relationship with sugar/sweetener consumption.

You guys this is going to be fun as well, I want to learn what it is to eat a meal and feel fully satisfied even when there is NO DESSERT or LOW CAL DESSERT option (or dark chocolate chips calling my name in the freezer;) ). I’m ready to nourish my body and learn how to cook real food from whole real ingredients.

I decided that I wanted to document this journey just so I could enjoy every moment, reach out when needed, vent about the cravings (of chocolate I’m sure), but basically to be real with you guys, to show encouragement to those who feel trapped by junk food cravings or candy bar yells from the store shelves. I want to basically put myself to the test to shout out to you or whomever reads this that you can do this too!

Come with me, join in with a whole 30 meal, laugh at the trials I face, whatever you do please enjoy these posts and come back for more, it’s going to be a fun few weeks guys! Until then I will be enjoying my memorial day bbq, and going on vacation starting this Tuesday back to my home town where I will eat as per my usual diet…starting June 6th this all is about to change….

Love Love Love

Have you ever done the Whole 30? 

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4 Responses to I dream of Chocolate.

  1. Thanks so much for the ball love! and keep me posted on WHOLE30! ❤

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