WIR #17: Whole Thirty Week One



Linking up today with my friend Megan and her Week in Review posts. You can click her name and visit her site to see what others have done in their week in review as well….

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My Marvelous Monday goes a little something like this….
I’m Five days into my Whole Thirty…. so accordingly I am 1/6 of the way finished…and I’m definitely no math geek so that could be totally wrong.

Monday of last week, I started the Whole 30 Plan with the intention of simply a means to an end, and a push from a sweet friend of mine whom has done it before and encouraged me to try, it honestly has been so much more than simply eating a certain way or gaining wisdom about food choices, I think this might be changing my life…

Currently it’s day five and I’m sitting here about 8:30 in the evening it’s after dusk, everything is done for the day, the house is clean, my feet are up, I’m relaxing, and I’m full. Yep downright satiated to the fullest and not a care in the world of having a ‘sweet’ treat to end my night, in fact the strawberries I had at dinner didn’t make me feel too good in all reality; (maybe sugar overdose? Already? Amazing!). I used to sit in the evenings at this time deciding what my sweet treat would be and how to make it even better than the night before, instead of a protein ball let’s try it with Crunchy Peanut Butter on top! AHA delicious! So here I am day five of Whole 30 and strawberries are too sweet, I’m full and energized pretty much all day, and I haven’t had a drop of added sugar or sweeteners all week long.

I was getting to a point where I had turned to the fad of sweeteners, yep splenda you got me. But not only that I also dived deep into the pool of the ‘natural’ good for you sweeteners as well, and I just kept swimming deeper and deeper. It wasn’t until my friend and I were having a conversation over the phone about her experience on the Whole 30 and how much better she felt once her body was drained of all the sweeteners and sugar she was putting it through. Not to mention the energy she experienced as well. Sweeteners are meant to simply sweeten food, I wanted to get back to a point where my food was sweet enough, and I wanted to cook in a way that I could use leaves, and seasonings, cloves of garlic, or even a puree of fruit and all of it would be awesome and a great experience because my body was weened off of those dramatic influences in our lives of sweeteners, sugar, and preservatives.

So a week in and I’m excited announce that yes a strawberry is just too sweet right now, tummy ache after four of those bad boys. I’m excited about this because my body is changing and learning right along with me, I love learning and what better way than for myself to be the subject. I’ve never gone on a diet or done anything like this before and frankly it’s about time I cut out all the preservatives and sugar anyways, I want to really taste what my food is supposed to taste like. I’m excited still so please ride along this journey with me, it’s going to be fun!

I’d love to answer any and all questions to be had so if you have one feel free to ask in the comments below! Next week I’ll recap more on how I felt but for this week, I’ll recap more on the eats….

Banana, because well carbs are good for you and I am too used to sweet in the morning. (I figured Megan would be proud of soon many #publicbananas in my life right now)
Bacon: The uncured nitrate free Turkey bacon kind, ghastly expensive but everything else costed relatively reasonably so I splurged for this bacon.
Unsweetened coconut flakes toasted: Good fat and slightly sweet, delicious
EGGS! : Because they are so filling and so versatile
Home made Sausage: Found a awesome easy recipe and used ground turkey meat to make these, so filling and use the secret ingredient SAGE!
Black coffee with cinnamon, I know it’s crazy how I’m learning to love this but truly my taste buds are changing.

So the first day for lunch I had a spinach salad with raw broccoli, broiled green beans, topped with chicken and tessemae dressing (whole 30 approved), I was thinking that this may just be harder than I thought. The salad wasn’t very good. At all. I think it may have been a combination of the lettuce getting soggy because of my blueberries which WERE frozen and melted to wilt my spinach and make for an interesting combination with my salad dressing. Weird….
Lunches got better after that, shredded crockpot chicken, winter mix frozen vegetables, broiled zucchini, and sweet potato fries, all prepped for the week on Sunday, yum! I heated these mixes up and added yellow mustard on top of the mix.

Shredded chicken again only in the evenings I had the ability to use my skillet to mix it up, stir frying chicken with cucumbers and kale adding in balsamic vinegar.
Day three left me with a full tummy even when dinner rolled around so I had a before bed snack so to speak of two sausage patties and almond butter with some baby carrots.

Pre workout has been hard boiled eggs.
Baby carrots and my home made deluxe mixed nut butter
I had an apple three days in for a snack and it was pretty sweet and hurt my stomach a bit.

I’m already feeling more energized with lasting energy that is up all throughout the day.
I’m sleeping better than I have in a very long time, more soundly too.
I went to the movies last night and I didn’t have any popcorn at all!

Soooooooo there goes a not so short briefing of my first week of Whole 30. Have a beautiful week everyone, come back next week for check in of Week 2 of the Whole 30

Love Love Love

Have you ever done the whole 30?
What questions do you guys have for me?

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5 Responses to WIR #17: Whole Thirty Week One

  1. I tried a paleo-ish diet for a while, but I actually think my body does better with more complex carbohydrates like legumes and oats. I love the idea of kicking out all the sugar to get more in tune with the way food tastes in its natural state. Props to you for doing it!

  2. I’m all for ditching the artificial zero calorie sweeteners, although I could never pass on my fruit. I love all the vitamins and minerals they contain along with their lovely natural sweetness. That being said, to each his own. You do you, and I’m glad your experience has been positive thus far.

    • jejansonius says:

      Thanks Lady. Or should I say beautiful mamma! Love love love all the baby photos. Your just adjusting right into the mom life. Now if I could only get my photo taking skills up to par with yours!

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