WIR #18: Whole Thirty Week Two!

Linking up again with Megan for another Week In Review….a Review of Week Two of my Whole 30 experience!!!!


I’m also linking up with Healthy Diva for What is Marvelous in my Monday which just so happens to be a lot….


So I’m doing the Whole Thirty….if you don’t know much about it I would encourage you to check it out here…..


By clicking on the photo above you’ll get a more in depth description…..but for starters I’ll share this, “Eat whole healthy real food, cutting out all psychologically unhealthy, hormone unbalancing, gut-disrupting, inflammatory food groups for 30 whole days. Pushing the ‘reset’ button essentially on your metabolism, systemic inflammation, and negative effects you’ve probably gained through the junk food way of life that we can get caught up in so quickly. Basically there is a pretty definitive No list of items not to have and sugar basically in any form besides fruit EVEN in sweeteners is a ‘no-go’. I read through the first couple chapters of this book and knew this is what I need right now.”

Or you can go to My Post HERE that explains more on why I decided to do it this June 6th through July 7th 2016!

I made it I made it I made it!!!!! June 20th is here today, and I am happy to report I’m on day 15!!! Still going strong and still learning more and more about myself, my body, and my diet.

I thought it would be fun to share some daily check-in’s on the status of the challenge….Here we go Week in Review and Marvelous Monday, check and check…

  • Turns out Family Celebrations are a lot more fun when you can eat at them, I ended up going to a celebration that I did not plan ahead for and of which was served up some serious awesome family grub that I could not partake in, as my stomach growled ever louder and the sun beat down on me on the hot day that it was, my ever so awesome husband got me some mixed nuts from a gas station to hold me over, Whew close call. Lesson Learned next time bring a Whole 30 compliant snack to the party, I.E. fruits or vegetables, or just grab a quick whole 30 something compliant before and then attend party with energy to party it up!
  • Monday’s are hard, but Day Eight Monday was rough, I just felt sluggish, and my body is adjusting to this whole I eat only three meals a day thing. However I must say I woke up slightly before the alarm this morning, ready. to. go. Ahhhh sweet energy, while I did feel I had energy remaining steady all day it didn’t stick around once the clock hit about 8:30pm.
  • I had a friend that quite enjoyed my Whole 30 Compliant Dinner I made for her and me on Monday evening, even so much as to ask about a recipe of the salad, it was a hit! I loved sharing my joy of this process with a friend. Details of the meal are coming…read on!


  • Tuesday, drug on and on, however I do think so of my slow-ness today was simply due to lack of sleep from the weekend, I competed in a night race, cue awesome photo below…however we still had our full Sunday schedule the next day to attend to….Maybe this weekend I’ll catch up. 😉
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Go Team Hott Mess!

  • We finally got a new comforter this week, which has made spending more time in our bed a little easier actually, goodbye hot nights of the down comforter. We have been keeping our eyes out for a new one since our comforter we have had this far into our marriage has been a down comforter that keeps all the heat all night long. So far heat hasn’t been a problem. Beautiful.


  • Sleep: Let’s talk about sleep some more, my sleep has gotten increasingly better throughout this challenge, this week was no exception every night shortly after putting my head on the pillow I was out. I even woke up at 4:40 Am one morning before my alarm at 4:45 and I was alert and ready to go.
  • Wednesday, I simply didn’t feel like adulating today, in fact so much so I thought about getting this shirt that even said so….but didn’t because well I read up on Days 10-14 of the Whole Thirty where in fact you do lose a lot of energy, these are in fact the days most people quit on. So I pressed through, but by 8:30 PM this little lady was in bed, lights out at 9.
  • Thursday, It’s getting better! I craved my breakfast this morning and I was actually satisfied all day in-between meals not seeking snacks nor sweet goodies. Energy still lower than usual but not sleepy just simply tired if that makes any sense at all. I even was able to enjoy time with friends until 9:30 ish pm, after a full day of work, and after a good dinner, rarely can I remember a time when I hadn’t been trying to pry my eyes open at occasions such as this.
  • Friday, hip hip hooray! My PiYo class I teach in the morning was a little more of a stretch to have energy for but halfway through the class it kicked in and I was good to go.
  • Saturday, Literally lounged in the morning enjoying coffee at Starbucks, along with blueberries, and egg whites with kale, and a turkey sausage patty/venison patty…I brought my breakfast because as much as I like Black coffee I love that first cup of coffee with my breakfast, yum!


  • Saturday lunch was a quick tie me over not much but I honestly wasn’t too hungry, a quick change and the hubs and I headed over to a wedding for the afternoon/evening. I didn’t get a lull of energy all evening and danced the night away! It was an absolute blast and I was amazed at how much energy I did have!
  • The wedding did provide a spread I could enjoy too which was a delight! Salad with no dressing and veggies, chicken (I scraped off all sauce and rice, but ended up only taking a few bites as it tasted sweet), and prime rib. Yay for a healthy wedding spread….dessert was cashews and other mixed nuts! (Cashews are really starting to taste sweet to me…

Fun Facts on Week 2 of Whole 30:

  • Gum: I haven’t had a piece of gum in two weeks, WOW this is a HUGE accomplishment for this girl. I cannot remember a day I haven’t had a piece in like three years….#addicted.
  • Sugar: No intense cravings or hallucinations!
  • Energy: This is a huge part of this process for me right now, my body is learning to adapt to no simple sugars and carbs to use for energy and instead I’m using more fat for lasting energy, I’m learning so much about how my body uses what I supply it with for good and energy. (More to come I may start reading up on this topic more ;))
  • Food: I’m really digging Sweet Potatoe Fries right now, and getting used to having a few with chicken after my workouts…
  • Focus: Days 8-10 it was harder to focus on serious conversations, and especially in the evening after work, I was slightly more emotional all week.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for….the eats…

Breakfasts: Pretty much the same as last week, except subbed strawberries into bananas spot, sweeter and less sugar, these accompanied eggs, bacon, and home made venison sausage. I’m loving my breakfasts so much they will probably stick around after Whole 30.

Lunches: I have found a combo that works and works well for me, I sliced up sweet potatoes into 1/4″ thick slices and baked them for food prep this week. Top one slice with broiled zucchini, kale and shredded chicken breast and microwave for about 2 minutes, wow what a flavor combination! I looked forward to these lunches this week because I knew they’d fuel me up for the afternoon. I usually ate a handful of nuts with this lunch.

Dinner: Dinners were more experimental this week! I had a friend over monday night and we made Hot Dog ‘Boats’ out of cucumbers, I cut the cucumber in half and then took out the seeds in the middle, added my mustard to the cucumber skin and put the dog on in there, wow so good! We had these on Monday night with sautéed red peppers, kale, and mushrooms and half a granny smith apple with cinnamon.

Another night I made Spaghetti with Spaghetti Squash and a home made sauce, I used a organic tomato puree with ground venison and spinach for the sauce, adding in oregano, basil, and sea salt. It was a very filling dinner and the hubs enjoyed it ever so much!

Pre Workout and Post Workout: I’ve been digging into my research on these for natural options, Hardboiled eggs are still my best option right now Pre workout, after workouts I’ve been having a few bites of chicken and a few sweet potato fries, with researching it I understand why this is important to get protein and a few carbs in right after depleting your body especially when trying to use fat as a energy burner.

Until Week 3…. Love Love Love

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5 Responses to WIR #18: Whole Thirty Week Two!

  1. Morgan says:

    Yay for doing so well with your Whole30! I need tot ry it again. I did about 2 weeks a year or 2 ago and just didn’t really commit. but I recently cut out sugar and seeing how much it benefitted my body was SO eye opening.

  2. I’m glad you’re still enjoying your Whole 30 experience. It’s definitely interesting to read about. Weekend weddings are such fun; especially when you get to enjoy the food and dance the night away. The Breast Cancer race looks awesome too.

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