Whole 30 Week 3: WIR and MMM

Welcome back to Whole 30 RECAP Week #3! Once again I’m linking up for a Week in Review and What’s Marvelous in my Monday, because well this blog post fulfills all those rules ;).

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Let’s get to it then for this week….

  • Day 15: Monday: So Much to Do today, Work, Gym, Shower, Bachelor show watching with the girls. But wait, I Still have energy even during the show….came home and after head hit the pillow I was out.
  • Monday also brought snacks for Bachelor Viewing night….snacks this week: Cinnamon Rolls and Chocolate Cake with Icing…and you know what I had my dinner in hand ready to go I wasn’t really interested in either of the snacks and that is no lie. It was freeing to eat my dinner and be so satiated that I really didn’t care for anything else…I was free to simply be with the people around me and enjoy the time spent.
  • Day 16: Tuesday: Waiting for that Tiger’s Blood to kick in….I’ve been actively reading through this Timeline throughout the process. Heres to looking for that ‘blood’.
  • I must say the first week and a half was horrible for my self image, I felt bloated, and none of my clothes fit very well, simply put my body just felt large. I remember even sitting on the couch and thinking what have I done to myself I’m going to gain so much weight through this thing….cue week three and the bloating has all but diminished as well as my clothes are fitting looser than they have in a long time!
  • They talk a lot about cravings and boy this week has been interesting in terms of that, I believe at one point during the week I told my husband I had been craving a Donut all day long, like the big creme filled peanut butter twist kind, however note I haven’t had one of these in years NOR do I want to have one it was simply a craving. I felt I was making huge progress and wasn’t experiencing any of these crazy things, however this week has proved much different, I craved a Wendy’s Double Bacon Cheeseburger at one point, that melty gooey goodness was so real to me. (Even though I’m not sure if it’s actually even ‘real’ in real life.)
  • My husband has been a huge support throughout this journey and surprised me with these…

IMG_2097 (1)

  • Tuesday evening I also found energy to bake…..and more importantly I found motivation to seeing as I couldn’t even taste the batter, I made a whole batch of banana oatmeal muffins for a dentist’s office where I got my Invisalign done. I’m done with treatment but they just where such great people to work with I wanted to do something special for them, cue the banana muffin making; cue the not eating any of it and not really caring….who am I?!?!?!
  • Day 17: Wednesday: Today meant, Workout in the AM (Spin class which was awesome but seeing as I ran 1.5 miles before I was worried I’d be toast by that evening) Home for dinner, and then out to the church to setup for a fun night of youth group with many water games. I was worried my energy would wane especially after a good dinner, however it didn’t! I was pleasantly surprise at the energy I still held throughout the evening.
  • Day 18: Thursday: Date Night! Date Night! Date Night! Guess what? After work I got off and headed home for date night where the Hubs proceeds to tell me he wants mexican, I immediately say let’s go get you some! At first I have to say I looked longingly at his chips and authentic salsa, the smells coming up from the bag I held on my lap home were phenomenal. Good Job Tuscan Express! But after we got home and I made up my dinner of Venison ‘sausage’ patties, baby carrots, zucchini and squash, and plantain chips along with apple slices and home made nut butter. I was excited for ‘MY’ meal thanks Whole 30. This stuff is getting easier. Before Whole 30 I had many Date Nights where I honestly ate wayyyyy too many tortilla chips and fairly close to made myself sick on them along WITH my meal. I felt bloated, unhappy, and had horrible onion breath every single time.
  • This brings me to my point of how I have been feeling Bloat wise: Before Whole 30 I was bloated probably about every other day at some point, gassy and uncomfortable….maybe irritable is a good word for it. I simply thought that’s the way it was with my body and went about my day to day life just ignoring it as much as possible. After Week Two on the Whole 30 I have noticed a change, I eat meals and feel full…not to the point of I’m going to blow, or bloated to balloon like size, but rather a satiated full feeling that is quite delightful and fills me with energy…I love that feeling!
  • Day 19: Friday: A Full Day at home….oh no snack attack! Normally Friday’s and the weekends really meant a time of constant snacking for me. At first it was so hard to adjust to sticking as close to only 3 meals a day as I could, but after I got used to eating this way I enjoy making a large meal that I know will give me lasting energy until the next ‘fuel up’. It’s fun to try different vegetable combinations and I love pairing random veggies with eggs for an omelet, you can literally get thousands of different taste combinations. It’s amazing!
  • Friday’s also mean PiYo instructing in the morning, I fueled up today with This Rx Bar Blueberry style…wow it was amazing and gave me incredible energy for the whole morning.


  • I’m still only human and do mess up…after typing the above paragraph…I had a snack without even thinking about it…yes a handful of nuts will do! =)
  • The incredible Edible Egg….yes I still like them.
  • I’ve had many thoughts that go like this, “When I get done with this I’m going to indulge in _____ or ______.” ” I deserve it I’ve been working so hard.” The truth of the matter is it has been hard and I probably do deserve a treat, but a treat is just that something to be enjoyed and move on. I have loved learning so much more about what fuels my body and what feels good I honestly don’t know if sugar is worth it for the way it makes me feel.
  • The above being said I got the book ” It starts with food” and have been reading through it, so far I am loving all the information. It’s enlightening and fun to learn.

IMG_2094 (1)

  • Day 20: Saturday: Fueld by my hard boiled egg first thing was up and at em’ for our Church’s Celebration event’s 5K. And I got first I my age division!!! Whooooo!

  • Other eats from this week include: (roll over photos to see description.)
  • The rest of Saturday was busy busy busy. But I made it through and felt like I had energy throughout the whole day. It was a huge event at the church I attend here and a lot of work and running around. But definitely a huge blessing in my life to take part in! This is just some of the technology needed behind the scenes. 

  • Day 21: Sunday : So here I lay on a Sunday evening quite tired but feeling like this weekends energy was totally spent in all the right places.  Thanks for popping in for my Week In Review. I’m almost done with my Whole 30!!!!!! 

Love Love Love. 

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    4 Responses to Whole 30 Week 3: WIR and MMM

    1. I’m thinking about trying a whole30 again, so I’m loving your updates! Glad to hear that it;s giving you som great perspective!

    2. Look at you getting into your Whole 30 groove. I’m happy you’re really enjoying it and learning so much through the process.

      Congrats on winning the race. You get two snaps and a twirl from me.

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