Whole30 : Review

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I FINISHED!!!! the Whole Thirty….if you don’t know much about it I would encourage you to check it out here…..


By clicking on the photo above you’ll get a more in depth description…..but for starters I’ll share this, “Eat whole healthy real food, cutting out all psychologically unhealthy, hormone unbalancing, gut-disrupting, inflammatory food groups for 30 whole days. Pushing the ‘reset’ button essentially on your metabolism, systemic inflammation, and negative effects you’ve probably gained through the junk food way of life that we can get caught up in so quickly. Basically there is a pretty definitive No list of items not to have and sugar basically in any form besides fruit EVEN in sweeteners is a ‘no-go’. I read through the first couple chapters of this book and knew this is what I need right now.”

Or you can go to My Post HERE that explains more on why I decided to do it this June 6th through July 7th 2016!

My whole 30 Journey is over, however I have learned so much through this process…

I started this journey with a few simple goals in mind: to be more mindful of my eating habits and to cut out that sugar, and really to challenge myself.

While I eat a healthy diet I felt that I was lacking in variety and really didn’t contain a good healthy diet throughout the day rather keeping a healthy breakfast and lunch all to waste the day on my evening snacking till bed time ritual. I also for the past year have (I kid you not) a scoop of protein powder with my breakfast, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I was depending on it to be my main source of protein most days as well as protein waffles every single day were always tasty and good but I wondered how much nutrition I was missing out on…not to mention variety hello!

I became curious when reading a friends post on Facebook one day about her Whole 30 Journey and all the ups and downs therein, I thought and maybe said out loud, um WHAT? Thats crazy?!?!?! Give up sugar for a month, that’s not even right. I said that mostly due to the fact that I consumed so much sugar on a daily basis and was in part addicted to it myself. I didn’t want nor could I believe that anyone could possibly do that successfully unless they had the right makeup, or weren’t inclined to eat sweets in the first place.

A Month later….I sat in my living room reading through the testimonials on the Whole 30 Website, and later had a conversation with a friend about doing a Whole 30 myself. I read and researched more and thought this process was exactly what I needed to do and soon.

I set myself up on while on vacation (notably because I had time on my hands to do so and felt so prepared therein) with recipes, shopping lists, friend support, even using up a lot of my sweets I already had in the house (that was tragic ;)), all for the sake of the journey. {However I do want to note I still have rice cakes in our roundabout that I had to pass by on my way to the mixed nuts almost weekly as well as dark chocolate chips in my freezer, proud moment.} I digress…

After becoming ‘oh so prepared’ I took off…..and after 30 Days here I am, still present but different; definitely changed for the better.

  1. Pain Pain go Away.

    – Some of you may know by now, but I am a Dental Hygienist and fitness enthusiast, with this territory and just personally my body; sometimes comes occupational and/or personal pain. I do my best to have correct posture and enforce using my foam roller among other techniques to relieve my muscles especially at the end of a long day. I try to stretch out after intensive workouts and drink enough water daily. Throughout tithe WHOLE30 process I have seen that I am learning more and more about my body and it’s function, for instance I’m able to notice the onset of pain and manage it from there were as before I simply would be in pain and it would last until I relieved it by sitting still, applying biofreeze, massaging it, or ibuprofen. I believe that because there wasn’t inflammation being caused from any foods I was able to more readily hear and listen to what my body needed.

  2. Paleo Isn’t Sooooo Primal After all.

    – Right away I saw a lot of information about Whole 30 being relatable to Paleo dieting and how primalistic it was, I often thought Paleo is so hardcore I didn’t think I could do that. I also thought that it was limiting as well and just didn’t sound very fun. However, again Whole 30 surprised me it took me to a new place of viewing foods especially when it came to my energy levels. I started seeing a difference in my energy depending on how many carbs I was eating. I am learning my body likes higher protein meals for lunch time to fuel through the evening and keep away my night time cravings. I also found a lot of really great recipes to try out and probably love my home made sausage better than the store bought kind.

  3. What about Weight?

    – I was not purposely trying to loose weight on the Whole 30 or doing it for dieting reasons, however I did lose 2 pounds. My arms are actually starting to tone out more than I remember them before, however I may just be doing more pushups. The first two weeks were definitely hard because my body was bloating so bad from filtering through so much stuff I believe. Honestly though I feel better in my body than I did when I started due to having so much energy, and my pants are fitting very nicely. =)

  4. Sleep Worship.

    – This improved greatly, I have slept quite well since being married, in fact my husband and I joke that it is a way I worship because I’m so good at it…note the title. I noticed on the WHOLE30 I was able to rest and sleep the same amount but when it was time to wake at 4:45 am for my workout class, I was wide awake and ready to take on the day pretty much every single time. It was phenomenal and has really pushed me to start making better choices for that feeling in the evenings. I know that is where it starts, before WHOLE30 I was having snacks pretty much every night RIGHT BEFORE BED. Now I rarely have a snack after 8pm and if I do it’s something small and usually a handful of unsalted raw cashews.

  5. Speaking of Sweets.

    – That’s right I’m speaking of sweets when I talk about raw unsalted cashews, yes they are sweet to me, and yes I love to have them as a treat or on a salad, or really anytime. I also started making my own mixed nut butter including pecans, almonds, pistachios, brazil nuts, and cashews. I mix about a cup of them in the blender with a dash of Pink Himalayan sea salt and cinnamon, one table spoon of coconut oil and BAM delicious dessert when slathered on a ripe bing cherry, or slice of apple or let’s be honest many times off the spoon itself. You are welcome…I started eating granny smith apples with some cinnamon on them as well, due to the fact they taste perfectly sweet to me. Another thing that changed was I don’t have to have ‘dessert’ anymore, if I’m feeling something sweet I simply enjoy fruit with my meal instead of having to have something to ‘satisfy‘ that sweet tooth. My sweet tooth really has tamed down. TRUE STORY: “Last night after dinner I wanted more broiled zucchini and wasn’t even interested in sweets.” I believe this was proof I was hungrier not eating out of a desire.

  6. I Learned To Live.

    – It’s amazing what happens when you start viewing food through the eyes of living. I realized how much food had started to encroach on my personality and how many barriers it had been creating for me in my social atmosphere as well as personal. The WHOLE30 centers around three large meals per day instead of snacking; which was great for me to center on as that is my weakness. In general before WHOLE30 I was having breakfast and lunch but then no dinner and instead snacking all evening making me feel way to full at bed time and knock off my sleep cycle. By getting on track with three large meals I have seen how I am having more energy to fuel myself throughout my morning, throughout my afternoon, and throughout my evening instead of being held down by having to fuel every few hours.

  7. Fat Can be your Friend.

    – Yes it is true, I started eating more fat during this WHOLE30 process and remember I lost 2 pounds?!?!?!? why because my body is feeding off the fat and carbs for energy and not sugar sugar sugar. I started cooking more of my food in coconut oil and using oil for dressings and marinades, I see a difference in my energy levels when I have fat at a meal versus having just protein and vegetables.

  8. I Beat Bloat.

    – No seriously, I didn’t realize until I was on Whole 30 that I was bloated all. the. time. I’m excited now to reintroduce items back into my diet and see just what exactly did cause the bloating, I already know that too many baby carrots can cause it, thanks to one evening watching Cedar Cove and no paying attention to the WHOLE BAG I ate, ugh. (Maybe it was actually the fact I ate a WHOLE BAG?) I eat and I feel….wait for it….FULL! Not bloated. During this process I really only felt bloated during the first week or week and a half, after that bloat be gone. Seriously. It feels great to not be bloated what was I doing before this?!?!? =)

  9. I CAN Empathize.

    – This process also gave me insight into people with allergies, food versions, or autoimmune diseases, real live stuff. I sat at many parties with my bag of approved goodies, skipped many dinners due to not being able to know what was in the ingredients of items made, and just plain avoided things because I was unable to eat at the events. It was rough sometimes, I’m happy that through the process though I could gain perspective of others lives.

  10. I HOPE I can still eat Peanut Butter….

    – I’m going to try to reintroduce this this week….fingers crossed it agrees with me.

This is where I also want to say through support of family, friends, and most importantly my husband I was able to have great success with the process. My family is so awesome! We literally ate out at Chipotle because it was the only place I could eat at when we were together. My husband was beyond supportive, eating my creations and even asking so many questions helping me to feel supported and loved throughout the whole process. Not to mention has been a great listener for all my WHOLE30 thoughts.

I recommend this process to anyone and everyone especially those living in our american diet society today. Getting back to real whole food helped me see how much I have relied on my taste buds to dictate my desires, my sweets to cover my long days, or my restaurant choices to overcome good conversations with friends. I challenge you to even take one day out in the month of July and do something different, eat more vegetables, cook a home made whole food meal with someone, or maybe even start the WHOLE30 yourself, trust me you won’t be disappointed…I leave you with some things I definitely don’t want you to miss from my week…enjoy.

I had a friend from the gym make me (and my husband) home made Blue Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, oh my yum. It was soooooooooo sweet but so good! It was also my first thing off the WHOLE30 to have that wasn’t compliant…haha go big I suppose.


That’s right GUM! I can have GUM again! I literally thought all week about what gum I was going to choose…Five Spearmint Gum was the flavor and it was wonderful! I am keeping the pack in my car so I don’t drift back into my old habits, I love enjoying these things! SO MUCH FUN!


First Coffee Drink: Iced Cold Brew with ONE pump of sugar free vanilla and ONE pump of sugar free hazelnut and Cream. I loved this and it was the right amount of sweet for me…I was happy to report no weird tummy issues after having cream twice in one day.

Because I have been having so many beautiful compliant meals even after my WHOLE30 ended I had to share.


Thats the run down folks, enjoy your week.

Love Love Love.



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4 Responses to Whole30 : Review

  1. Love these!! I cut sugar completely a while ago and I am still shocked by how sweet random things taste now!! I agree with the cashews being sweet!

    • jejansonius says:

      Yes! It’s so nice to look forward to and enjoy so much more a treat when you get one. It’s fun to have something sweet and be entirely mystified that once thirty days ago y wasn’t like that for me. Cashews are sooo good!

  2. Congratulations on doing the Whole 30. I’m so glad you had a great experience and are happy with the results. I think anytime the focus is on whole and real foods, you’re in a good place.

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