WIR: DIY Project and Rainy Days

I started my rainy day off (yes rain and yes cool weather what a relief it is for this hott july!) with a chat at the gym with great women who have become friend through my PiYo class. As I was leaving another woman I know and am friends with cough the and we had a good talk as well. I continued on in my day next with grocery getting where I called my mom up for a recipe and some girl talk, checked out with a smile on my face as I was off to get my coffee…there I took my iced americano with light cream from another friend of mine. We exchanged some chit chat and I was off to run more errands. This afternoon I sat in a chair of ANOTHER friend who cut my hair whilst we talked some more. After which I received a phone call beckoning me to meet up with another friend for some girl time. On a day like today looking back I can’t help but to think, wow I’m tired, but even MORE is wow I’m loved…HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!

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Just a Little Selfie from today after my haircut!

Linking up again with Megan for another Week In Review.


I’m also linking up with Healthy Diva for What is Marvelous in my Monday which just so happens to be a lot….


  • My husband was away this week working at a camp out of town, this was the perfect opportunity to work on some things around the house that I usually neglect due to wanting to hang out and make memories with him more than I want to decorate…
  • First stop on Sunday was Meal Prep as usual and the closet (DUN DUN DUN….) Been wanting to tackle ‘my side’ for quite awhile but alas…see above bullet point for reason I haven’t…my husband and I just have too. much. fun. I digress…I DID IT! Cleaned out my closet organized ALLLLLLLL the workout clothing, it takes up the majority now (whoops), and enjoyed giving 7 dresses to Big Brothers Big Sisters here in town for there Glamorous Generosity campaign…it is nice to know they are going to a good cause.
  • Note what will I EVER do with that blank space I now have! πŸ˜‰ Um shopping in my future?
  • So that was that and I enjoyed every minute of it onto tackling this thing….


  • I received this gem after the passing of my grandmother recently, it has been in her home for quite awhile and while it was beautiful grain stained wood, it did not go well with the rest of our furniture in our living room….I felt uneasy as I’ve been brought up with a father who does carpentry but I wanted to Redo it.
  • I’m so so so so happy that I did, it took me working on it every evening this week and after two coats of primer and two coats of antique white paint my DIY is now finished and one of my favorite pieces in my living room!
  • As I was parting with the doors I noticed that two of the screws were different from all the rest and looked newer, I wondered about the story there and what had happened and it was at that moment I realized I would have never found those screws or thought so much about my grandmother as I do now. With all the hard work and how beautiful it came out I simply don’t want to part with this for a long time, mission complete.
  • Speaking of DIY and such I’m also switching up our living room, I’ve always done a lot of browns, and I mean ALOT! But I’m switching to a more modern look with lighter browns and whites and grey, stay tuned for more switchups in the future…I’m trying to find a good palate to work with, so many swatches will be used to figure the right concoction.
  • So far browsing Hobby Lobby, which I did Thursday after work, and store shelves taking tons of photos and feeling things out will be my project throughout the next few weeks. I love finding cool unique things and incorporating them all together, it’s fun to make up my own style.
  • On another note, Whole 30 is over and I’m not drifting too much, I did make banana bread Thursday night as well…however Tuesday at work we were gifted with these bad boys….


  • My answer was YES! We cut them up so we could try a fair majority of them and by the end of the week (yes they were still good even day, two day, three day old) they were gone. It was fun to partake in the goodies and enjoy them!
  • Goodies were sparse elsewhere during the week, like I said my hubs was gone so I was in go mode after work to work on my DIY that dinner was usually pretty quick for me. I was thankful I had meal prepped because it usually too less than ten minutes to make each night.
  • Breakfasts I kept Whole 30 Compliant! I still am wary about introducing protein powder back into my diet just yet, I need to research more on what I’m using and what the ingredient list is. I also have yet to introduce peanut butter back, I really must have been busy this week…haha.


  • I must say this time of year has been phenomenal for sunrises, everyday when I leave the gym in the morning I feel so blessed to live in a place where I can see the sunrise every morning, it’s the little things sometimes that go unthought about. I say thank you out loud every time I see one just because I know how hard art is to make in real life and how LONG I can work on a  painting, I can’t imagine God doing it every single day.


  • Also last week I had to take the trash out two mornings in a row…for me on my way to work this is what that looks like (BELOW). Our trash bin is a ways away from the doors to our building so I drive the trash over, =). Call me crazy but I call it genius! (And I call it my car floorboard needs a little cleaning love…)


  • I enjoyed a few dates with friends at lunch and after work this week, it’s so fun to have girl time and get caught up with what’s going on in each others lives.

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  • I found on the WHOLE30 a new love for coconut water, however it only lasted about a day and then I got tired of it. Off WHOLE30 I decided to give these Bai Coconut Sparkling waters a try and I absolutely LOVE them! My favorite flavor so far is Black Cherry!!!


  • So like I said my husband has been gone all week and he’s coming back tonight!!!!! SO EXCITED! We’re working our way through the Bourne movies in prep for the new one coming out, so maybe tomorrow night might have to be the second installment, I’ve never seen the series and we both want me in the loop for the movie….so as not to have a repeat of us at the newest Avengers movie: Halfway through the movie I lean over and say, “So who are all these people?” yep true story, I had never seen any of the prequels at all.


  • For now it’s off to have some quiet time and tonight my HUBS COMES HOME!
  • Oh yeah and finally My husband is coming home today if I didn’t tell you already. πŸ˜‰

Love Love Love.

So have you seen the Bourne Series? What do you think like em’ love em’?

What are your thoughts on coconut water?

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8 Responses to WIR: DIY Project and Rainy Days

  1. Those donuts look so, so good. Also, loving your garbage method, ha!

  2. What a wonderful week without the Hubby. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. Plus, you got to enjoy lots of girl time, and you got caught up on stuff at home. I have so many projects I want to tackle here that I don’t know which on to start first. Eep.

    I have a picture from my grandmother (she passed a long time ago now), which makes me think of her every time I see it. I also have her cheese grater and potato masher and despite having newer and fancier models, I always use the ones I got from her.

    Happy Monday and happy reuniting with the Hubby.

    • jejansonius says:

      Awesome so good to hear from you. I love love love that my hubs is back. Feel like I got a small look into your life for while there anyways. πŸ˜‰ yes home projects really make my heart happy. Every time I see my table o say wow I love that table still haha.
      If I lived closer I’d so help you out with those projects I the form of possibly holding a cute little girl for you whilst you DIY.

  3. Ellie says:

    I enjoyed the Bourne series but I am a total action, thriller, adrenaline pumping junkie. I also loved 24, which everyone should watch. No questions asked πŸ˜‰
    I enjoy the coconut waters that are flavored. Plain coconut water tastes like feet to me 😦

  4. Love your hair Jayne! The side table looks great and perfect in your room. When my Grandpa passed I picked a set of some bowls that no one else wanted. I use them daily and oddly remember family gatherings with him where we used them. It is a perfect way with a ‘useable’ item that allows for remembering the time spent and honoring their memory without taking up space.

    Thought of you at work today BTW…spent my day taking out 1, 16, 17, and 32. πŸ˜‰

  5. SuzLyfe says:

    I am pro Matt Damon and pro Jason Bourne. YES YES YES. And those donuts?? Dayum.

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