WIR #22: Community

My heart is heavy today, heavy with words that I cannot fully express to a family I barely know….

I live in a larger community here in Nebraska, it’s large but has relational value, even amongst the 50,000. Not to mention the state of Nebraska, far and wide comes together during common ground time, I’m talking football. It is interesting to me that even my husband whom doesn’t play sports per say and didn’t grow up with a strong passion for such, tries his hardest to relate to the massive amount of Football fans we have surrounding us on a daily basis. I myself have looked up scores and been to parties all centering around this Community gathering. (That’s really what I believe it comes down too.) The community brought about through football is phenomenal, my husband and I got an opportunity to be at a home game last season for the Cornhuskers and it was an experience of a lifetime; Truly. The anticipation heightened for a touch down and as the pass was caught we cheered and clapped, slapped five with neighbors and hugged. Crazy? No community. That’s why my heart breaks today for people I don’t know too well. A family today is grieving the loss of their son whom played on the team and was from the town I now call Home. I bring up this loss because, like I have stated it is on my mind and heavy on my heart. I’ve gotten to spend countless hours with my husband this weekend, but I hadn’t hugged him like I did today, I would greatly miss his community in my life.

I have lost a sister in past years and can understand the scope of tragedy when it comes to losing a family member suddenly and at a young age. It’s hard and tragic, my heart goes out to this family and to the friends and community here that has been affected. Not to mention the team which has become his family as well as the fans that commit their time and energy into being a part of this sport. Community comes together in these moments, we have to cling to each other. A person is lost and yet there is still a community remaining. I’m intrigued to see what unfolds in the days to come and am praying for everyone involved. This tragic loss has opened my eyes today to the realization that we are all so quickly perishable and we all need to cling to community,  our loved ones and the moments we get to share with all of those around us. Today this moment must be lived out with whom is in it, because it will soon pass.

These thoughts rendered to me today truly couldn’t have come on a better week, for this week was truly a testament to that message…..enjoy my week in review and please love the community you’re with…


  • Made A LOT of brussel sprouts for Meal Prep on Sunday. I simply tossed these in balsamic vinegar and a little olive oil and sprinkled with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and popped them in the oven (Broiled on HIGH) for about 20 minutes. Voila beautiful crispy brussel sprouts!
  • I added the yellow squash to be fancy but I do about 7 yellow squash and 5 zucchini a week as well, Broiled on HIGH tossed with coconut oil and sea salt before. Those only take about 15 to 20 minutes and get crispy on the outside so good!IMG_2344
  • Got to enjoy a NEW recipe for protein balls, (maybe a blog post coming soon;)) made with these pitted dates, wow they were amazing and tasted kind of like white cake doughnuts. Except better!


  • This book consumed many a night for me, I LOVE LEARNING (who’s with me?!?!) so even though this book given to me by my boss to read was more textbook of a read; I really quite enjoyed the process of learning Influence. I would give it 5 stars for the amount of information it does contain.


  • I went through the drive through this week to grab a coffee, I haven’t had much iced coffee since my WHOLE30 and so when it sounded good over my lunch break I decided why not, funny enough they messed up my Grande and I ended up with a VENTI! Definitely too much for me to hand in one day, so I drank half and saved the other half for the next day!


  • Monday night is Bachelor night, I get together with ladies in my community and we watch (and talk a lot throughout the episode) the show. It’s an amazing time to connect with some women from my community that my life would otherwise not be overlapped with. I enjoy this time, due to these women, sorry JoJo. =)


  • Tuesday night brought a friend I hadn’t seen in quite awhile into my life again! We met up for dinner and stayed until our Peanut Bucket was almost empty (mmm thanks to me ;)) Thanks Whiskey Creek for allowing me to get to hear about travels in mission work across the seas and us both to laugh until our sides hurt. I was literally overjoyed with tears hearing of my friends life now and the zest she is filled with is amazing. #community


  • Speaking of community…our church is undergoing a remodel and Wednesday night we headed out with the students in youth group to paint, and paint, and paint, and paint the evening away, one coat of primer and many buckets of paint later, I rolled into bed! But it was so worth it.

IMG_2358 IMG_2365

  • Dinners this week consisted of so many vegetables and chicken! First photo was omelet with cucumbers and red bell peppers topped with spicy mustard and a side of iced coffee, in an old pickle jar ;). Second photo was brussels kale and chicken cooked up and seasoned with lemon garlic seasoning.


  • I saw this book on Instagram and it may just be my next endeavor as far as reading goes. It looks amazing!


  • I found this week what is supposed to be a awesome macro calculator and I’m just wondering to all my nutritionist friends out there if this really is leading me down a good path to start tracking Macros? What are your thoughts?

IMG_2376 IMG_2352

  • Date Night this week was more New Bourne Movie prep, as we watched the SECOND in the series! Already have the third here for maybe this week? Who knows, I’m just loving them so far. Also NEW date night love is going to HyVee grocery store and picking something out of the health food section to try, my pick was new to me trail mix, with spaghetti squash and chicken, the hubs got a new to him frozen pizza and burrito! All so delicious and the movie delivered as well.

IMG_2377 IMG_2370

  • Saturday called for some relaxation so we headed to Starbucks and brought along our books and journals. Love this time with this man.


  • Enter Sunday, day of rest and relaxation, delicious lunch of bbq hamburger and broccoli with sweet potato fries; and an afternoon of resting and napping with my bundled up husband.

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Linking up again with Megan for another Week In Review.


I’m also linking up with Healthy Diva for What is Marvelous in my Monday which just so happens to be a lot….


Hope everyone enjoyed this weeks happenings, enjoy your Monday, hug your loved ones and remember to be thankful for the community you’re in. 

Love Love Love 

So Macros have you done them what do you think?

Anyone have Brussel Sprout recipes?




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4 Responses to WIR #22: Community

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss within your community and of your sister. I didn’t know that and I can only imagine how hard it must have been. It’s always heartbreaking when someone is taken too soon. Sending you love and hugs today.

  2. It’s always hard when a member of a close community passes especially young ones. I came from a very tight nit town, and even though I haven’t lived there in 10 or so years (my dad still does, though) it hits hard when someone passes.

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