Update from ‘The Good Life’

Hey ya’ll so it has been officially over a year ago here on the ole blog and I couldn’t be happier to tell you how much life has changed for me….God has been good.

Posts to come including this man...

Rehearsal Dinner Excitement

Remember when i was engaged…now I am happily married for over nine months! What a journey this has been, refer to every single post on my site for more information about my husband and our incredible journey through life for this blog has been tracking our movement’s through our first few months of marriage.

Posts about bridesmaids and how to choose them...

My Best Friend!

Wedding Day was phenomenal and in all honesty my love has only grown more and more since day one of being with my husband, he has been in full time ministry since our wedding day and I am excited for what God will bring to our future!

Then naturally our feet....

HoneyMoon Vibes

We had an awesome honeymoon to Portland Oregon and Carson Washington, read about that time HERE. I recommend to ANY newlywed, getaway and take a honeymoon it will be totally worth it for your marriage.



We bought a TV! Our first purchase as a couple and our first big one to boot, we also bought that dresser it sits on to be our entertainment stand, it’s still working quite nicely! =)

Yep That's US!

First Christmas!

We have spent our first Christmas together as a couple and in our marriage, the holidays are a new kind of different for me working full time and him working in ministry, but irregardless this year was filled with memories! Oh and travel šŸ˜‰

Still Smiling....per usual.

Still Smiling….per usual.

I became a certified Fitness Instructor! This was a DREAM COME TRUE! Read about that HERE. I teach Piyo about once a week now and can’t believe that I have been blessed with this opportunity!

Found some seats and shared some stories...




Found my friends Nicole and Erika at Blend Retreat 2015 again! I was moved to start this blog by a Blend Retreat story and I feel honored every time I get the opportunity to go back, Colorado was beautiful this year and we couldn’t have had a more picturesque spot!

The babe and I.

The babe and I.

So Life has changed since we last spoke, I’m living every day to the fullest possibly and enjoying life as a newlywed, dental hygienist, fitness instructor, volunteer, and foodie lover. Feel free to get a cup of coffee a snuggly blanket and stay awhile. I would love it if you did! =)

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