WIAW Life of an Engaged Couple

Credit has to be given where credit is due (I thank the bank for the money Thank God for you…haha had to)

Thanks Jenn for WIAW love love love it and plan is I’m going to try and regulate posts so I have one every Wednesday for you all at least!

Peas and Crayons

I have a confession to make, I like to indulge in treats from Starbucks…

I have another confession,┬ámy first confession isn’t always by choice. Does that make it a confession at all? Oh well.

Here’s the deal, remember that oh so delicious spinach feta wrap that my fiance and I wait the entire week through to enjoy on friday mornings with our time in God’s word and fellowship together. Yeah about that, it was grand the first two times, until we came and they stated that all the wraps were GONE! GONE! GONE! Cue themed music and zooming in on my face three times while I say that word. Seeing as we’re both optimists, and stuck at starbucks because the coffee rocks but we’re hungry for breakfast still, we have been trying new things. Of which I will divulge on now….

First up: Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich,

Reduced-fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich.

Reduced-fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich.

Yep it’s exactly that, while it does make me feel better than if I were to have a McDonalds breakfast I certainly don’t like the price tag for something so simple. The turkey bacon does add a nice zing to the sandwich though and I loved that the english muffin was whole grain…let’s face it I really just liked the english muffin period.

Next up: Vegetable and Fontiago Breakfast Sandwich,

Vegetable and Fontiago Breakfast Sandwich

Vegetable and Fontiago Breakfast Sandwich

I was thoroughly not impressed with this dish, and then I looked up the nutritional data online, no seconds for me. ever. Thank you. It was suggested by the barista and while she said she loved it (she gets it for free, that might make a difference for anyone) I did not. It would be a great choice however for a pizza lover as when upon taking my first bite I felt reminiscent of middle school eat a whole box of pizza bites after track practice and then eat dinner too, oh wait did I do that?

They were both small, and lacking the luster and components that we love in our forever dear Spinach and Feta wrap. But here;s the really cool part pay attention for this:

The barista got our names and is going to try to remember to save two back for us next week friday….oh yes! It pays to be genuine and real with people and tell them what you like, and what you desire. At least I hope, I suppose we’ll see very soon.

On another note I documented my first try at a TOFU chinese dish. I made it up and it seemed I only had soy and ginger and peanut butter to make a mix for dinner. I thought it would be kind of cool to use the soy protein spray I had gotten and the tofu, thus upon my lunch hour and standing in front of the fridge with the door open an idea hits me (that’s why you must have the door open folks so the ideas jump out and smack ya) I could marinate the tofu in the soy to give it a more prominent flavor. There we go. Ta da.

I ended up marinating it after cutting it into two sections, with Braggs Liquid Aminos….aka this stuff.

I cooked the veggies in some lite soy sauce with garlic and ginger.

Then I made a spicy peanut sauce, with soy sauce, peanut butter, garlic, and hot chili sauce. Sounds like a weird combo and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but it was actually delicious!

Spicy Peanut Butter sauce, with soy infused tofu and carrots.

Spicy Peanut Butter sauce, with soy infused tofu and carrots.

We ate it along salad with such good ranch dressing that is my new favorite, it is by bolthouse and has only 35 calories a serving. For more info click here….

So there is a sneak into what we have been enjoying as a couple….Stay tuned for next week when I dive into another WIAW! Go enjoy your Wednesday but most importantly eat good food! Oh and if your starbucks has spinach and feta wraps, eat in honor of me. Thanks!

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