Coconut Baked Chicken.

Sunday Funday….not quite as fun as when I have my fiance here by my side, but it’s a sunny day and got to spend all of this morning with my church family so I am a happy and blessed girl.

This morning it was my pleasure to be one of the Barista’s at church, so much fun love it.

Getting Ready to Barista.

Getting Ready to Barista.

First this is a warning that this will be a super short post…I just want to impart to you this fabulous recipe altered from a recipe that was imparted on ME by our oh so wise Pre-Marital counseling couple’s wife, I hope that makes sense. Anyways The story goes we eat dinner with them and then do our counseling session afterwards.

Delicious meals await us at every session and I can’t even describe to you how good of a cook this woman is. =) So GOOD!


So after this week’s chicken that was sooooooo good, I asked what the recipe was………

Olive Oil, Chicken Breast, Salt and Pepper

Put them together



Done and Done!

Done and Done!

Wait What? It’s that easy. Yup.

So I made this recipe that is listed below this fabulous picture and I must say, the sweet flavor of the coconut oil is not anywhere near overwhelming nor is it un discernable. It’s STINKIN’ GOOD!

Primed and Ready to go....into the oven.

Primed and Ready to go….into the oven.

So bake, use minimal ingredients, live happy, love life, fuel up. Oh and Enjoy! =)


Jayne’s Coconut Chicken Delight

I bought Three Chicken Breast worth of Chicken. Skinless Breasts with the rib meat.

1/4 Cup Coconut Oil

Seasoned Salt



Prime Oven at 400 Degrees

I put the coconut oil in the pan and let it set in the oven to melt, because I store mine in the fridge. So let it melt!

Then the fun begins set your thawed out chicken breasts in the pan and season them with the seasoned salt top and bottom, then pepper. I also did one with garlic powder to see what it will taste like.

Put Chicken Breast in oven for one hour…and “If you’re lookin you’re not cookin'” – As my fiance says….it up and Viola….Beautiful Delicious Healthy Chicken. Oh my wonderful.


I’m thinking I’ll take them to work as salads for lunch this week; and I’m thinking you should too………

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