Let’s Talk Protein….Balls

Let's talk Protein.....balls.

Let’s talk Protein…..balls.

Yes that is right folks, gooey gooey chewy goodness smashed together by yours truly’s hands. Yum yum and yum.

I first started making these about a year or so ago when I first started buying and experimenting with protein powder. I myself do not use protein powder to replace meals I simply utilize it to help curb the after workout hunger fix as well as experiment with recipes. Of which you may love to try my waffle/pancake recipe very delicious itself and a great starter for your day!

Now I know that not all days are going to start with a long leisurely breakfast which is where my recipe today comes into play. Protein Balls. I love them so much and mostly because they are so versatile! I’ll give you a base recipe here but feel free to experiment and add and mix ingredients you enjoy as well!

Base Protein Ball Recipe:

5 Scoops of protein powder. (My favorite is Gold Standard I buy online)

2 cups whole grain oats (I buy mass quantities of this at Sams that lasts me about two months!)

2-3 Stevia drops in Cherry Vanilla Flavor (These are so great and one bottle has lasted me over a year now and I’m still not finished, wise advice is get a flavor you enjoy;) )

1-4 tblspns milk of any sort (This part gets tricky I FIRST only add in 1 tblspn because you don’t want to add too much or they are super runny! I slowly add in more if need be.) I usually like to use Fair Life milk because their company absolutely rocks and it tastes so delicious!

Base line recipe complete folks: Mix it up all together and form into balls, I usually get about 21 that is if I don’t eat a lot of the mixin’s while I’m making them! =)

Add-Ins: When adding anything always add first to the recipe of dry items and THEN add slowly in your liquid, the protein powder works different with different components so make sure you mix everything BEFORE introducing the milk!

Add-Ins, I Use:

1/2 cup Peanut Butter Chunky / Almond Butter Creamy (I’ve tried both and they both were amazing, I did not use very much milk at all though because the butters ended some moisture to the mix!

1 Pkg of raisins : Very chewy and delicious! I also added 1 Tblspn of Cinnamon to this mix too, cinnamon raisin cookie? YES PLEASE!

4 Tblspns Coconut, Yum yum yum

2-3 serving sizes (16 chips) Dark Chocolate Chips


Mix all dry ingredients first, then slowly and I mean VERY slowly introduce your liquid component of the recipe. I usually add slowly in 1 tblspn at a time my milk and mix thoroughly before adding in any more just to be sure it won’t get to runny.

Advice: Mix and mix and mix until you’re sure that the milk is completely incorporated, if you add too much milk you’ll quickly find out what I mean by that. Sometimes you think it’s all incorporated and then suddenly it’s super runny!


Nutritional Information for Base recipe Plus Dark Chocolate Chips Add In:

Recipe Makes : 21 Balls

Serving Size: 1 Ball

Calories : 54

Fat (g) : 1.3

Saturated Fat (g) : .7

Polyunsaturated Fat (g) : .1

Cholesterol (mg) : 7.1

Sodium (mg) : 31.2

Potassium (mg) : 12.5

Carbs (g) : 4.3

Fiber (g) : .5

Sugars ( g) : 1.4

Protein (g) : 6.4


Dark Chocolate chips are pretty much in the base of my recipe for this but you can be the judge for yours! =) Please let me know how you like them and enjoy! I love these sweet little treats for quick snacks before or after working out and a quick breakfast when I gotta go!


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