Protein Pancakes.



These are the infamous Protein Pancakes, morning after morning I consume them and night after night I look forward to this moment. Enjoy the recipe….and be forwarned they take some getting used to. These aren’t your mother’s pancakes….

Protein Pancakes

1.5 Scoops of Whey Protein Powder

1 TBLSPN Soy Protein Powder

1 Egg White

1.5 TSPN Baking Soda

Mix in Water until runny, but not too runny. Then ladle them out making about three 4 inch in diameter pancakes. These will be rather thin but stack em’ up and you can enjoy some tasty eats while not feeling guilty all day long (that you had that pancake gluttony for breakfast) and feeling quite satisfied (These take me all the way through my morning patient load keeping me full till lunch break).

I usually apply spray butter fresh out of the pan and sprinkle cinnamon first before adding sugarfree maple syrup at the end. Sometimes they are so delicious I simply eat them with spray butter and cinnamon!


2 Responses to Protein Pancakes.

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  2. jejansonius says:

    To add to this recipe a mix up for what I have been doing more recently…I’ve been subbing 1 tblspn coconut flour or almond flour instead of the soy protein and then adding 2 EGG WHITES! For my husbands I make them a little thicker with whole wheat flour and two whole eggs. Don’t forget to add a little bit of water to make the batter runny enough to mold into the waffle maker, and/or a pancake!

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