WIR #17: Whole Thirty Week One



Linking up today with my friend Megan and her Week in Review posts. You can click her name and visit her site to see what others have done in their week in review as well….

Or if it suits your fancy take a peek at Dashing Diva blog for My Marvelous Monday posts. Others post what’s Marvelous in their Monday there.

My Marvelous Monday goes a little something like this….
I’m Five days into my Whole Thirty…. so accordingly I am 1/6 of the way finished…and I’m definitely no math geek so that could be totally wrong.

Monday of last week, I started the Whole 30 Plan with the intention of simply a means to an end, and a push from a sweet friend of mine whom has done it before and encouraged me to try, it honestly has been so much more than simply eating a certain way or gaining wisdom about food choices, I think this might be changing my life…

Currently it’s day five and I’m sitting here about 8:30 in the evening it’s after dusk, everything is done for the day, the house is clean, my feet are up, I’m relaxing, and I’m full. Yep downright satiated to the fullest and not a care in the world of having a ‘sweet’ treat to end my night, in fact the strawberries I had at dinner didn’t make me feel too good in all reality; (maybe sugar overdose? Already? Amazing!). I used to sit in the evenings at this time deciding what my sweet treat would be and how to make it even better than the night before, instead of a protein ball let’s try it with Crunchy Peanut Butter on top! AHA delicious! So here I am day five of Whole 30 and strawberries are too sweet, I’m full and energized pretty much all day, and I haven’t had a drop of added sugar or sweeteners all week long.

I was getting to a point where I had turned to the fad of sweeteners, yep splenda you got me. But not only that I also dived deep into the pool of the ‘natural’ good for you sweeteners as well, and I just kept swimming deeper and deeper. It wasn’t until my friend and I were having a conversation over the phone about her experience on the Whole 30 and how much better she felt once her body was drained of all the sweeteners and sugar she was putting it through. Not to mention the energy she experienced as well. Sweeteners are meant to simply sweeten food, I wanted to get back to a point where my food was sweet enough, and I wanted to cook in a way that I could use leaves, and seasonings, cloves of garlic, or even a puree of fruit and all of it would be awesome and a great experience because my body was weened off of those dramatic influences in our lives of sweeteners, sugar, and preservatives.

So a week in and I’m excited announce that yes a strawberry is just too sweet right now, tummy ache after four of those bad boys. I’m excited about this because my body is changing and learning right along with me, I love learning and what better way than for myself to be the subject. I’ve never gone on a diet or done anything like this before and frankly it’s about time I cut out all the preservatives and sugar anyways, I want to really taste what my food is supposed to taste like. I’m excited still so please ride along this journey with me, it’s going to be fun!

I’d love to answer any and all questions to be had so if you have one feel free to ask in the comments below! Next week I’ll recap more on how I felt but for this week, I’ll recap more on the eats….

Banana, because well carbs are good for you and I am too used to sweet in the morning. (I figured Megan would be proud of soon many #publicbananas in my life right now)
Bacon: The uncured nitrate free Turkey bacon kind, ghastly expensive but everything else costed relatively reasonably so I splurged for this bacon.
Unsweetened coconut flakes toasted: Good fat and slightly sweet, delicious
EGGS! : Because they are so filling and so versatile
Home made Sausage: Found a awesome easy recipe and used ground turkey meat to make these, so filling and use the secret ingredient SAGE!
Black coffee with cinnamon, I know it’s crazy how I’m learning to love this but truly my taste buds are changing.

So the first day for lunch I had a spinach salad with raw broccoli, broiled green beans, topped with chicken and tessemae dressing (whole 30 approved), I was thinking that this may just be harder than I thought. The salad wasn’t very good. At all. I think it may have been a combination of the lettuce getting soggy because of my blueberries which WERE frozen and melted to wilt my spinach and make for an interesting combination with my salad dressing. Weird….
Lunches got better after that, shredded crockpot chicken, winter mix frozen vegetables, broiled zucchini, and sweet potato fries, all prepped for the week on Sunday, yum! I heated these mixes up and added yellow mustard on top of the mix.

Shredded chicken again only in the evenings I had the ability to use my skillet to mix it up, stir frying chicken with cucumbers and kale adding in balsamic vinegar.
Day three left me with a full tummy even when dinner rolled around so I had a before bed snack so to speak of two sausage patties and almond butter with some baby carrots.

Pre workout has been hard boiled eggs.
Baby carrots and my home made deluxe mixed nut butter
I had an apple three days in for a snack and it was pretty sweet and hurt my stomach a bit.

I’m already feeling more energized with lasting energy that is up all throughout the day.
I’m sleeping better than I have in a very long time, more soundly too.
I went to the movies last night and I didn’t have any popcorn at all!

Soooooooo there goes a not so short briefing of my first week of Whole 30. Have a beautiful week everyone, come back next week for check in of Week 2 of the Whole 30

Love Love Love

Have you ever done the whole 30?
What questions do you guys have for me?

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I dream of Chocolate.

I love chocolate, even as I sit here I could go for a good handful of dark chocolate chips, or even a protein ball with chocolate chips. Speaking of: one time I made protein balls without chocolate chips, um no thanks. I digress.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


But there’s more to the story! 

While I have come a long way in my food journey, trust me I used to think eating healthy was having an apple and Kashi cereal for breakfast, lunchmeat and goldfish for lunch, and baby carrots and peanut butter for dinner every. single. night. Let’s be honest there could be A LOT more unhealthy items to consume…. However these days my palate is much improved thanks to the influence of some pretty great friends who themselves have taught me a thing or two through their blog’s recipes…I must take a moment to list them in case you yourself find that rut of yours is keeping you from putting the goldfish down…I repeat put the goldfish down and take a look you’ll be glad you did…

*Megan* Clean Eats Fast Feets* – I first met Megan at a blogging retreat and have loved reading her blog and seeing her life unfold over the past two years of knowing her, she’s so fun loving and has recently been enjoying her new baby girl of which I get to enjoy via snapchat as well…this recipe link is for her No Bake Energy Bars, yum!

*Laura* Sprint to the Table* – Boulder Colorado was where I first met Laura, she is a firecracker and her life amazes and inspires me how she travels and lives life to the fullest is a fun adventure to follow on her blog as well as she rocks so many great recipes like these S’more Balls. 

*Lindsay* Cotter Crunch* – We must NEVER forget where my protein bites originated from, and that was tasting one of this girl’s bites, THESE to be exact I can’t say enough about how delectable these bites are and nourishing even when they appear to be so small, they pack a punch! =)

2014-06-06 18.54.38

The beautiful banana loving, Megan.

I’ve been inspired recipe wise and made some pretty great friends along the way…

Sooooo back to where i’m headed here, I have changed my ways, and while I am diversifying my palate extremely well and maintaining a fairly indulgent lifestyle as well. As of late I have started to notice myself depending on the ‘fake’ sweet to get me through. Instead of delighting in natural healthy sugars like all the wonderful fruit, especially this time of year, and then partaking in a indulgent food like a nice piece of wedding cake, because it’s that time of year as well; I find myself never indulging in the true sweeties of my day and instead opting for this ‘fake’ sugar. Don’t get me wrong I have been using stevia to sweeten baking items and coffee so I haven’t been spoiling my body as much as my 5 splendas in my gas station cappuccino days of past, but I have been abusing it. It’s time to slow down the crazy snowball I’ve been riding, see ya later sugar.

That’s where something new, something that some would call crazy comes into play….Crazy maybe but it just might work.

I’m going to embark upon The Whole 30.


I’ve listened to the testimonial of a friend, read several more online testimonials, bought the book, read through a good portion of it, and I now  have set my sights on recipes and established a start date, it’s coming and I’m excited! For now anyways, let me fill you in a little bit on just what the Whole 30 is….

The main rules are simple: Eat whole healthy real food, cutting out all psychologically unhealthy, hormone unbalancing, gut-disrupting, inflammatory food groups for 30 whole days. Pushing the ‘reset’ button essentially on your metabolism, systemic inflammation, and negative effects you’ve probably gained through the junk food way of life that we can get caught up in so quickly. Basically there is a pretty definitive No list of items not to have and sugar basically in any form besides fruit EVEN in sweeteners is a ‘no-go’. I read through the first couple chapters of this book and knew this is what I need right now.

I have thought several times throughout the past year while doing challenges with the gym, living a healthy lifestyle, and day to day living that I do love what I eat, but I also want to be challenged to a different way. This journey for me will definitely be that, a challenge. However it will also be a good ‘reset’ for the damaged way of thinking and ‘needing’ that I’ve been having in terms of my relationship with sugar/sweetener consumption.

You guys this is going to be fun as well, I want to learn what it is to eat a meal and feel fully satisfied even when there is NO DESSERT or LOW CAL DESSERT option (or dark chocolate chips calling my name in the freezer;) ). I’m ready to nourish my body and learn how to cook real food from whole real ingredients.

I decided that I wanted to document this journey just so I could enjoy every moment, reach out when needed, vent about the cravings (of chocolate I’m sure), but basically to be real with you guys, to show encouragement to those who feel trapped by junk food cravings or candy bar yells from the store shelves. I want to basically put myself to the test to shout out to you or whomever reads this that you can do this too!

Come with me, join in with a whole 30 meal, laugh at the trials I face, whatever you do please enjoy these posts and come back for more, it’s going to be a fun few weeks guys! Until then I will be enjoying my memorial day bbq, and going on vacation starting this Tuesday back to my home town where I will eat as per my usual diet…starting June 6th this all is about to change….

Love Love Love

Have you ever done the Whole 30? 

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WIR #16: Remember?

Links to both linkups I will be involved in this week are below at either Katie’s Marvelous In My Monday linkup or the ever so lovely Megan (Who just had a baby!!! YAY!) at her Week In Review linkup….Whatever your pick theres sure someones story to inspire.




Let’s Proceed…..

  • Remember that one time I had a blog that I posted in every week on a consistent basis? When I had free time where I wasn’t busy, worried, anxious, or afraid of something that it consumed my time and didn’t allow me to spend time loving the writing process and sharing life with others, I’m an introvert at its finest folks, but for some reason when I get my hands to the keyboard or pen to paper I come alive in a tangible way, I’m able to describe life and experiences and with joy I extend grace to myself while writing or typing about absurdities that this world holds on a daily basis level.

Remember it? I joked to myself this morning that I hadn’t blogged in FOREVER, only to look and realize, only a month had passed. Only a month had passed.

Time flies right past in a effort to speed us up onto the next thing, into the weekend, over time we become quick fleeting individuals unaware of our existence and the present time because we are so aware of what is to come in the next moments, or what we have been holding onto from the past. I’m a fan of time, for as it travels I do as well. It is a lot more fun to live a life instead of always remaining in the same time mind set or even body for too long. I grow restless….

Which brings me to today’s post. I’ve been restless, yep that’s why blogging has taken a backseat, I’ve been gaining in arenas of my life that I am proud of, I’m working hard. However, at the very same moments I have been asking myself, what am I good at, where do I fit in. Strange isn’t it; the human mind sometimes?

I’m learning though, learning that as interestingly quick as life is, I am in it for a reason every small speeding moment has a purpose. Now it is my duty to not sit in those moments or ruminate in them. Fulfillment has been coming to me lately in worrying less and keeping my anxiously waiting to a minimum.

I ain’t sittin’ and I ain’t quittin’.

I’m reverting to a different outlook trying to look at life more through a lens of youth. See the world from a smaller perspective and that in essence helps it slow down. Even as I sit here today I’m so very sure of one thing, life speeds by, it’s quick and I don’t want to miss a thing, so enjoy these photos, moments of worth in my life….


I make big salads and I cannot lie…


All I want to do is hold his hand.

IMG_1362 (1)

I love love love Cleaning.

IMG_1386 (1)

I workout.

Have a Beautiful Day friends and think long timely thoughts…

Love Love Love.

What have you been thinking of lately?


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WIR #14: Monday Thoughts and Food.

A new week, a new day, here we go again with my Week in review and what is Marvelous in my Monday…Let’s start by the recognition of the link up ladies themselves…

Links to both linkups I will be involved in this week are below at either Katie’s Marvelous In My Monday linkup or the ever so lovely Megan at her Week In Review linkup….Whatever your pick theres sure someones story to inspire.



For what is Marvelous in my Monday I thought I’d share something I realized this week read on:

Here we are a short time from leaving for Jamaica, getting to sleep in, living the easy life newlyweds of just one and a half short years enjoying our free time as we are reminded on the daily how that will all change upon the first entry of our procreation in to the world…spare me. At least for this moment, I’m awake at six am, I’m nervous and fearful thinking and worrying about something that honestly cannot be controlled or changed at that point. Yet there I lay trying to be careful not to wake my soundly sleeping husband, I lay and fret fret and lay, you get the picture. Finally a stir on the other side of the bed captures my attention and I see his face, he greets me good morning and asks what is going on, thats when it happened….


Tears come streaming from my face, real, raw, unfiltered tears, I’m crying before I know it so hard I can’t talk through the tears, I relent my story and the fears that are worrying me so and have held me away for hours on end creating endless doom in my mind. My husband listens and loves, loving me through silence and listening, I’m thankful. After the crying settles he asks, “What can I do for you.” My only reply is a whimpering, “I don’t know.” Honestly because I don’t know what he can do for me in that moment and for the problem, because I myself know how silly and unsolvable the issue is. Insecurity reaches up and grabs hold of my voice I no longer can even capture in words what is holding me captive. My husband fights for me relenting truth into my life telling me real thoughts of reality things that have slowly been clouded over in my mind. Words of life are breathed into my existence and the fear is dissipating into air and floating away. Slowly I’m brought out of my funk and into the real world again. I’m here I’m present and we’re joking about his bed head.


I don’t know about you guys but that is true love right there, this morning when I awoke I was troubled with insecurity. I had thoughts nasty thoughts about myself and an issue with which was totally based inwardly and something that I struggle with however is almost unnoticeable to the rest of the world. The issue remains and rests in insecurity issues with myself and my image. I believe that in that moment when I was listening to the resounding gong in my head of ‘not good enough’, God placed my husband to wake up before it got too much of the best of me and help me out of the funk. My husband lifts me up so much and speaks truth into my life, but the reason he is able to and I am able to receive it is God himself.

I encourage you as women in our society today to brace yourself first with a relationship with God. This world is a crazy place to exist and yet here we are, look at the fact of even ‘coincidences’ that happen in your life on a daily basis. I look back on a day to day basis and am encouraged by the happenings and situations I’m in and how much they change and form me molding me daily. This brings me full circle to my relationship with my husband, God has blessed us in this relationship. We continue to pursue after him and he pursues us indefinitely. Do you aspire to have a better relationship with anyone in your life? Start by loving yourself more, start by loving God more, it’s amazing how many doors it opens up.

I know this morning I felt free and open to pursuing the day and passions that lie in that day all because of the support of my husband’s encouragement. It wasn’t fake, it wasn’t a lie, it was real and really good for me.

You know what else was really good…Last week…let’s take a look…


  • Monday I played the waiting game, literally. I had a physical in the morning, waited but for a GREAT checkup! Chiropractor Appointment in the morning as well, I’m now on a ‘as needed basis’ yes! And waited at the mall for my dear friend to get there for an amazing time of fellowship, and mall walking.
  • Worked Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, mostly meaning my days consisted of a lot of the first photo, and let’s just say I can totally relate with the second photo here…
  • If you want advice in the toothbrush aisle, go for gold, electronic is the way to go you’re talking on average about 30,000 more brush strokes per MINUTE than the regular person gets with just a manual toothbrush. Oh and always use SOFT bristle brushes please!
  • Want more advice? Hangout in the toothbrush aisle long enough and maybe……


  • Workouts now are fueled a lot by a play list I found on Spotify, I typed in Christian Workout playlist and it’s the first to come up, this song rocks and so does the rest of the playlist!
  • Speaking of Workouts….this weeks were:

Monday: 1 Mile run warm up easy, Fifteen 30 sec interval sprints at max with ten seconds in-between and a weight set.

Tuesday: 1 Slow easy mile run before teaching PiYo class

Wednesday: Slow and easy jog to get heart rate up a bit and on hour of Bodypump class

Thursday: 2 Mile jog with ten interval sprints 30 seconds on at max and 15 to 30 seconds in-between sets, weight set for ARMS

Friday: Mall Walk for about an hour, and Practicing the new PiYo set at home, debuting a new set soon!

Saturday: REST DAY!

Sunday: Early morning run sweat session with a good friend, I LOVE chatting and stewing over life with her great way to start out my Sunday.

  • I’m really into consistency in life, I love change but my palate could eat pretty much the same thing every day and be satisfied…Lunches this week during work days were consistent: Grilled Mesquite BBQ chicken breast, Protein Balls, and Kale and Spinach salad.
  • I bought fat free cottage cheese this week because it was on sale and that was a good addition to the chicken (photo on left), usually I do my squash and zucchini mixture (pictured right) for a little extra flavor, baking them in coconut oil with pink himalayan sea salt helps get my sodium and healthy fats in for the day as well!


  • Dinner in the evening after PiYo and sweat session consisted of sweet potato fries, squash and zucchini mixture, and egg whites. I’m always hungry after my class on Tuesday evenings but don’t want to eat anything that’s not nutritious since I’m eating so late in the evening, (usually eight pm).


  • Thursday night was date night, we celebrated the Presidential debate night with Qdoba, I got the naked chicken salad with half chicken half pork and fajita veggies, this is so delicious and very nutritious for a ‘eating out’ meal option. The hubs and I enjoyed our mexican along with the debate.
  • Before and After, got my hair done on Friday, the after isn’t styled, so you can’t see the full results…but I got an hombre, so pretty I’m loving it already!


  • Friday the hubs had to work for awhile, so I hunkered down to a good practice session of the new PiYo release!
  • Speaking of which I will be releasing when we get back from VACATION!!!!!
  • Vacation? More on that later ;).

Everyone enjoy your Monday!

Love Love Love

What was the best workout you did this week?

What’s your favorite PiYO move?

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WIR #13: A Lesson From A Funeral

Tuning in for Week in Review and Marvelous in my Monday here….

Links to both linkups I will be involved in this week are below at either Katie’s Marvelous In My Monday linkup or the ever so lovely Megan at her Week In Review linkup….Whatever your pick theres sure someones story to inspire.




As you all know, or READ HERE for last week’s post, my grandmother passed away a week ago. Her funeral was this week Monday and I tried my best to prepare while in the midst of Sunday which so happens to be our busiest day of the week here in our home. A midst church, bible study’s, grocery shopping, house cleaning, oh and our churches annual Valentines Dinner we headed out on Sunday evening about nine to relatives home closer to where the funeral would be.

Caught up? Alright good, because what was really laid on my heart has been the massive weight that was lifted off me at my grandmother’s funeral. What exactly do I mean? Let me tell you…

I sat looking around the room observing the people it held, a small country church with wooden pews and I smiled, there were people many of them I’d seen and gotten acquainted with my whole life. It wasn’t a massive amount by any means, but here where these lives mine has intertwined with so intricately. It’s beautiful in a way to come to a place where someone has come to the end of a good and gracious life, a woman that has now left a room of people in her wake. A room of individuals who even if we foresaw death coming soon for my grandma we still became sad and sorrowed at the passing of such a beautiful life.

Expression after expression came, and catching up was had, there was a brief moment when I was given the opportunity to have a moment at the casket, but I didn’t want it. My grandma wasn’t there her expressions where no longer held in her cute little body. That sly grin she seemed to always sport would stay sealed behind her lips. Expression I thought, what a way to live your life, expression less. I thought of so many times when in this world I have gone about living and being so busy I didn’t stop to share expression with a person. Or times when I thought to myself I should pray but the expression of slowing down to do so was to much for me to actually do. How short our lives are here, we merely have only a small open window to catch expressions, to give them, to enjoy them. God has spoken to my heart indefinitely that the expression and words which come from someone mean much more than material things and money itself will ever. The first meaning for the word expression is making known someones thoughts or feelings, and the second was the look on someones face. This is interesting to me that not only do we hold expressions in our faces but also in our words. It’s a marvelous thought to know that these are things worth my time and worth remembering about someone. I felt lighter, I can do this. It may take a day by day conscious effort to use expressions and make them my own, but with God’s help I can.

Grief is hard, it takes time to heal. As we drove away from the funeral and the business of the day I couldn’t help but feel immense grief and tears fell for quite awhile. It was hard, but expression after expression of my grandma came back to me, and expressions fell into my mind of other family members that had latched onto an expression of my grandmas at one time as well: cute remarks, or sly grins turned my mind in circles remembering her so well. Face after face, there were not many words remembered but there the faces were all intertwining again only this time in my mind. We are woven together, she’s done that, God’s done that. Its beautiful and it lightens the load that those will be with me forever.

Thanks for reading through my thoughts. Life is such a journey guys and I’m so happy that while my time here is short I can rejoice in expression’s of life. So please enjoy my expressions of my week now, in hashtag form…































And that my folks is a week wrap up…please enjoy your weeks ahead, and remember to enjoy and love on those around you. Expression’s leave lasting impressions =)

Love Love Love

How was everyone’s week anything exciting going on?



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WIR #12: Did you Miss Me?

It’s not a far cry from reality today to say this expression and truly mean it, Did you Miss Me? I’ve missed me…these past few weeks have left us with snow days, or rather days missed of work and patients thus making up for it now…busy busy days follow snow days. Note taken. The next week then left me ravaged by Bronchitis, I did not get out of bed for one full day, I did not pass go, and I did NOT collect a clean bill of health. Oh and did I mention my Birthday was in there, filled with sleeping lots of it and not feeling well at all. I’m still recovering. This week left me busy but happy to have regained some sort of health at least in my body, however it has left my family with a hole of emotions. My grandmother passed away a few nights ago, alas life is never ceasing to amaze me with how much happens every day, every second, every moment. Open your eyes everyone take it all in because if theres one thing these past two weeks have shown me is that life is flying by. So come with me to my open eyes reflecting on the past few weeks, hang in there folks it’s going to be a crazy ride….

As always first things first thanks to my blogger friends for allowing me to linkup on their blogs!

Links to both linkups I will be involved in this week are below at either Katie’s Marvelous In My Monday linkup or the ever so lovely Megan at her Week In Review linkup….Whatever your pick theres sure someones story to inspire.



This will be much easier through photos…so here we go…


  • Here’s that snow storm, a full day of blowing snow and being stuck inside left us venturing out on the second day in the afternoon, we got over 12 inches it was amazing!


  • Excuse the messy hair, and the fact that we were about to get snow plowed.
  • Happy Birthday! The weekend before Valentines Day weekend, (which is my actual birthday) My friend LyndsEy and I traveled to my home town for a dinner my mom put on for the church. When we got to my house my mom was awaiting us with my birthday present, new dishes! They are beautiful!


  • Photo Booth was present at my moms Valentines Dinner and of course I had to take the opportunity to get a photo with one of the hardest working women I know, she’s amazing.


  • Just because the Table Decorations were on POINT!


  • Because I did, it started the week after snow day and said trip above to my home town and continued throughout that week, leading up to the Friday before my birthday when the whole day was spent in bed….ugh.
  • My Birthday weekend was filled with so much love though I can’t complain….
  • Starbucks and Texas Roadhouse for my Birthday dinner ordered in of course, no need to go out too much when you’re sick ya know.
  • Quality Time watching my husband love on our niece at Bible Study.
  • My FAVORITE dessert, Angel Food Cake with strawberries and whip cream, the best…we didn’t have candles note the match.
  • Andddddd all my presents from the hubs, Ninja Blender, Qalo Rings, and beautiful perfume I love!


  • My new Qalo Ring on point during routine Bachelor watching on Monday night with the girls! Also note this night was the first night I slept all the way through and felt better the next day, recovery is a beautiful thing.
  • Meals of the week were simple, and pretty much the same, my tummy has issues with antibiotics…so chicken, roasted veggies, kale, and spicy mustard it is.


  • Tried the 500 Rep Workout from Kayla Itness and it felt so good to be back in the gym and to get a good hard workout in, wow it felt good, Praise God!


  • Work Christmas Party for my husband last night and it was amazing. So much fun I feel extremely blessed to have these people in my life, wow. SO MANY LAUGHS.
  • This weekend will consist of relaxation time and prepping for the busy week to come….

These past few weeks like I said have flown literally by and I can’t help but to recognize and realize how blessed we are by these many moments, enjoy them folks only one life will you live…Live hard.

Love, Love, Love

Also Disclaimer: My friend LyndsEy’s name is spelled Lyndsey with an E I have previously been noting her as LyndsAy. Please note the name and sorry for the confusion, I dearly love you LyndsEy with an E! 😉


What are you up to this weekend?

Is anyone else struggling to stay healthy?


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WIR #11 : I have Fallen in Love Again.

There are moments in life when you fall more in love with your husband. For all of you women whom are married you may think you know what I’m talking about here, that moment when you came home and all the dishes were done, floors vacuumed, shelves dusted, bathroom cleaned, candles lit, and a big smiling face to welcome you in. While these things are all good and grand and the world tells us the ‘perfect’ husband might do them and then some…( also be waiting to give us a long massage, pedicure, facial, and a our favorite meal cooked to perfection.) I have been reading and learning it comes quite differently in fact, sure those things have their place and when we love someone I believe we are willing to those things and even add the ‘then some’ on to them as well. But I have in my first year of marriage been challenged to falling more in love with my husband in far different places and times…

These moments aren’t just for my husband and I and they aren’t just for newlyweds either, as I have been told. I’m reading a book that quite confirms the opposite is true. Marriage isn’t about those moments where you fall deeper in love with a person, no in fact marriage is about those moments where you fall deeper in love with God and that puts the person whom is your soulmate front and center to your growing and learning more about a love already placed inside you. (too deep?) It’s true and it’s simple really let me explain.

Links to both linkups I will be involved in this week are below at either Katie’s Marvelous In My Monday linkup or the ever so lovely Megan at her Week In Review linkup….Whatever your pick theres sure someones story to inspire.



This week in review and something that is way to marvelous for my Monday even is the fun and experience of learning more about this topic and I’m super excited to share what I’m learning with you guys today!

You see the beginning of my week started out with this face…I know right who couldn’t love that cutie pie, and my husband and I are forever grateful to be the proud and loving god parents to her beautiful face. Being around a baby is such a special experience, to hold something that is completely dependent just on the fact that you won’t drop her is phenomenal. Babies might I say are the most trusting people in the entire world! Fun fact is they have no idea….humbling.


So fast forward through a long and hectic week with it’s usual turns and twists brings me to my husband and I Friday night. We got to babysit this beautiful babe while we set her parents free for a date night….all I can say is I didn’t know quite how much I was in for on Friday night.

As we danced and laughed our way around this smiling face she soon became sad needed more milk, a diaper change, wanted to move around, giggled, cried, cried some more, and finally slept so so sweetly in my arms. Throughout this entire experience…I couldn’t help but to feel so united with my husband….As he held this tiny life in his arms and danced and sang his way around my sister-in-laws kitchen I couldn’t help but to see God loving me more in that scenario as well.

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Hold up…you say but how did you ‘feel’ like someone you couldn’t physically see was there?:

There have been many times in my relationship with Christ that I have felt him speak to my soul so intimately there was no denial my creator was right there with me….for instance on the bow of a cruise ship in the evening turning my iPod on to listen to the first song knowing that would be only as much time as I would have just to listen to one song before meeting back up with my mom. I looked across the million miles of rolling ocean and prayed ‘God help me experience you right now’, first words I hear were, ” You call me out upon the waters, the great unknown where feet may fail…” You may know this as “Oceans” by Hillsong United. I know this as God’s whisper to me that night, a beautiful love song to my soul. He knows me, he knows you, so intimately.


Intimacy is thought of today in a far different way than the Bible portrays it and I dare say we’ve almost but ruined the word. God whispers these moments of intimacy so often I believe as human beings we exhaust ourselves looking for ‘signs’, instead of enjoying and resonating just where we are, and in that inviting our creator to come and be with us.


Friday night the creator invited me into a scenario where I was able to see more of him in my husband. As I sat this small child onto my lap facing out towards my husband’s smiling  face I noticed how much joy she experienced. As he walked slowly in the kitchen allowing the lights above to soothe her I noticed how much solace she found. As my husband fed her a bottle I saw how much she valued his tenderness. I found God moving through this man and child and my heart was delighted with God’s gift to me in that moment of seeing him move through their intimate dance.


It made me think about my intimacy with Christ and how it helps my marriage as well, it’s phenomenal to think I am that small baby to God. When I cannot be calmed by this world he speaks to me in ways only he knows to do. Especially in my marriage. I run to God and when I’m safe in his arms, my husband is there too. When we both pursue after Him we are actually pursuing each other. As I look across the table this afternoon to my husband reading and learning more about Christ I can’t help but to fall a little more in love. He’s a beautiful creation, always growing and learning.

Just as my niece learns, grows, trusts, and gives grace. That is exactly what we’re called to do our whole life. When I’m doing that I’m able to fall more and more in love with my husband as well. Even if I come home to a dirty house and no spa treatment I still remain in love and falling more and more every day, I simply must decided to set my feet upon God and his word, for I will be ‘called upon the waters’, and with him that is possible.


Love Love Love

Have you ever felt an intimate moment like my experience on the ship? What was it?

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